Friday, April 20, 2018

Welcome Back, Elektra!

           This is me again! I'm back from deep sleep lols I was too busy about family life, my studies and teaching. We already transferred close to our schools/workplaces, the good thing about it is that my kids who are incoming Grade 3 and Grade 1 are both studying at my school. But, we moved in for about four years ago. This means that I haven't written any blogs from then on for 4 or 5 years. 

          Before we moved in to our house, I also resigned in the government school where I worked as English Conversation Teacher. Right now, I work as a Foreign Teacher in Grade 5, teaching Science and Health. But, I also have experiences teaching English Language, Social Studies, Arts and Crafts, Cooking, and Drama.

         Our school is a Catholic, a private and a bilingual school located in Minburi, Bangkok. I have 50% discount on tuition fees of my children (but, my partner pays for them, lol). From our place, it's about 10-15 minutes drive/travel going to work.

         It came to a point where the system in the government changed. Those who are non-education graduates must study units in education, which, I think is just right. They want to see to it that only qualified foreigners will be hired to do teaching jobs in Bangkok, Thailand. As there are many foreigners who are just backpackers, they will get the job and then resign later on after they have gotten a big salary offer from beautiful provinces like Phuket, Changmai, Koh Samui, Bangkok City, etc.

        Now, I had to decide taking up a master's degree in educational administration which, I failed to finish due to financial and time constraints. I couldn't be able to do the thesis writing because it required more time and costed me more money than I've expected. I could almost finish but not the thesis writing. It was really a disaster because the Thai professor wasn't too equipped enough to guide me where I supposed to go. There are two advisers but they don't agree with each other so I've given up to preserve my sanity, save my time and money.

        Trying to figure out how to go from here to there, I've learnt that my decision was actually a blessing in disguise! It's because Educational Administration is not equal to teaching. It has education units but, it's different, in terms of job description. It is more related to becoming an admin or principal. So, to cut the story short, I have downgraded in a good sense. I took Diploma in Teaching Profession which is only 3 semesters with 33 credits. If you are interested to teach in Thailand, but you have Bachelor's Degree which is not related to teaching, you may copy the link below and search for more information about this program. It costs 74,000 Thai Baht for the whole course. I have started in August of 2017 and will be finished in December (hopefully!)

        Working, studying and home management keep me busy from blogging again. Now, it's summer time, I have extra time to blog. I love working in summer school. This year is different because we'll  go on field trip. This is the first time in my four years of working in this school, that I will go on field trip. It is going to be fun! They said it's somewhere in Ekkamai.

        Time to go! I need to catch some sleep.. Bye for now... Zzzzzzzzzz

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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

bumisita uli sa iyo..salamat sa pagiging bahagi ng blog ko sa 10 years...celebrating 10 years, Written Feelings....

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