Thursday, October 6, 2011

Malaysia Trip Cancelled! :(

I've been planning to go Malaysia since January this year... I guess it wasn't just really my luck... (sigh!) I would like to travel around Asia, it is my dream.

Well~ actually, I wanted to travel around Europe and USA... yes... TRAVEL! you heard it right. I just wanna travel not interested living there (hahaha!!!) I hate winter, it's killing me. Anyway, that is not my topic today (grin).

The first attempt about going to Malaysia (truly Asia) was last January, 2011. My buddies were planning to go Malaysia for a vacation. They told me interesting stories about Malaysia. One of them, has already visited once but that was long time ago. And so we were saying that we will go.. blah, blah, blah... The problem was, when I asked them about the money that we have to prepare, (hotel expenses, food and fare) nobody has answered me straight. But, not only that... some said they were going but many have backed out already as they have learned that it will be so expensive and the visa will not be worth it. We didn't go because we were all not sure of everything. Lack of preparedness, inexperineced, etc.

My second and I hope it won't be the last (sigh!), Due to visa concerns... I thought about going to Malaysia (again) with my previous co-worker. All the while, I thought everything was planned because she said that her contact was really decided to go (must)... It was really quick! We planned it October 3 and the trip was the following day. I have already told my partner everything and he gave me 6k (I just asked 4k lol) plus the debit card (in case, my money will not be enough to support me while I'm there.

So the following day came, and I was completely ready everything! I already went out of the house and even gave instructions to my part time nanny how to go about while I'm gone! In short, everything was set.

I've got a phone call from her saying that she couldn't go because she didn't have much money to spend and she realized it would be risky. It was like... OKAY! so that's it? She added that it's also the visa thing so I was really disappointed but it wouldn't help. I couldn't blame her all because I didn't double check everything. I just thought that she was sure of going with the group. Anyway, it was past.

Then, I sent SMS to my hubby what had happened that day. He gave me a call and we thought about going there 3rd or 4th week. He is going to have a semestral break this month! We thought of going to Changmai, but it's not good this time because of floods.

But, still Malaysia trip was canceled (thumbs down!)

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