Wednesday, October 12, 2011

International School Library Week @ RAIS

Earlier this morning, I've received a phone call from the Principal's office of Ramkhamhaeng Adventist International School to cover a class (again) because the same teacher last time was absent. I had no clue about the subjects for today, but I was glad everything was ready.

I was told to come at 7:40am. But as usual, I was early because my boyfriend offered me a ride this morning and I was so excited, happy and ready to teach.

I taught the same class yesterday... Grade 1-A and Grade 1-B. My subjects were English (spelling quiz), Math (problem solving), Religion (color the pictures). The last period was called "adventure", where they watch a short cartoon via LCD projector.

There were 10 students in my class (5 were absent). I told them to make a line and we went to the Bldg. C together, I had to guide them as they're running, shouting and pushing on our way to the hall ways and the floors. It was tiring but fulfilling job. When we arrived, I checked them all if they're all there  and once in awhile told them to remain silent while watching and listen to the program.

The program was about the "International School Library Week" which is celebrated on October 10-14, 2011. The objective of the program is to introduce the new way of learning not only through books but the use of the internet in researching and studying, they called this new system as "Britannica Online School Edition for PREk-12". They were taught to use it (username and pasword)Encouraging the students to read more books and stories everyday.

There was a story telling activity held by Teacher Lily (the adviser of Grade 1-B, She's from Alabama). She was also the host of the trivia contest about "library and books". Students are really smart and could speak good english. I could tell the differences because I taught students of the same grade level in a government school. Children enjoyed watching the show and so was I.

After the program, we went back to the room. Our next subject was Math. Then, we had our lunch at Canteen's Cafeteria. Teacher Lily and I talked about many things about school and her country. She's fun to be with!

Classes ended at 2:40pm. It was raining hard and the flood... made me panic that time. But, I got home safely. Thank God!

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