Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sofia's 1st Birthday Lunch

Today is our little princess Sofia's birthday, 27th of April. It has been a year! This is Part 4 of our little darling's birthday pictorial. Just before we went to dine out and waiting for daddy to get dressed, Sofia and I had fun picture taking!

The NUMBER ONE shirt :)

Daddy took us out for a birthday lunch treat at Oishi Japanese Restaurant and good news... it's a BUFFET! so we all pigged out!

The Birthday Girl :)

Miso soup and Bacon and Mushroom soup

Varities of my side dishes LOL

hmmm... yum, yum,yum!

Japanese snacks (I don't know the names! sorry... lol)

Sushi roll (I will make like this on Saturday's birthday party)

Cakes (4 slices and I ate them all! :D )

Another set of desserts

I wasn't hungry for about 8 hours after we ate here hahaha so I was super hungry when I wake up the following day at 9am :)

Sofia ate a lot, too! She wanted the fruits and the Japanese rice cake. The taste was superb and the varities of food... excellent! We all had a great time! :)

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