Friday, April 1, 2011

Home Alone (Day 11): Busy As A Bee

I had a long day yesterday and I did what I have planned to do except for going to the gym and paying the car amortization. I had too many activities from morning, till night. Time, indeed flies so fast and the days are shorter than night.

I woke up at 8 and had breakfast at 9. I had shower and went out to withdraw some money to pay for electric bill and deposit money to my hubby's other ATM so he could spend on something that we need. I withdrawn money from his other ATM that he left so I could be able to settle his car payment, electric bill and send him some money from his salary this month. However, for whatever reason, I couldn't be able to get some more money higher than 15,000 baht. So, I payed the electric bill and send him the 10k and the car's monthly amortization tomorrow.

The weather was sunny and I loved it unlike the other day that I got so lazy and tied up in bed, so bored.

Below herewith was the plan:

1. Withdraw money from SCB ATM and have these things settled
- car payment - NOT DONE
- electric bill
- sanitation fee
- deposit money for hubby's ATM account
- birthday gift
- miscellaneous

2. Gym Work-out

3. Visit my Thai friend to help me pick up our car from Toyota Ram Inthra because it was repaired (had a minor scratch).

4. Check out on Apartments for rent
- how much is the monthly rent? how long is the contract?
- is it with air conditioned and furniture?
- how much is the deposit and advance payment?

5. Tutorial at 6:00-7:00pm

6. Shopping for my birthday gift to my friend's son who will just turned one this month.

Something came up which was unplanned. My Thai friend told me that his hubby would have to pick up our common friend at the Suvarnabhumi airport this afternoon, the guy came from England. I waited for more than an hour at my friend's house for her husband to come from school (he's a teacher, like my hubby) as we were going together. Since Toyota Ram Inthra is just along the way to our common friend's house, they might as well drop our friend to his house and then we go to pick up my hubby's car at Toyota.

So we had a U-turn and when we're there the Toyota asked me to pay the 1,000 baht for excess and at first, I couldn't be able to understand why the car insurance won't cover the expenses. In my mind, I just said,"what is the use of car insurance, if they won't insure the car when you need it or in case like this..." For whatever stupid reason that is, which they couldn't be able to explain clearly to their customers, that really sounds too stupid for me. Why the eeff are you ripping me off for???!! My Thai friend just said it is just the way it is here in Thailand, that even Thais couldn't and wouldn't explain it clearly. They only said that the company changed the policy (as if, it is too easy to change such policy without even considering/acknowledging the customers' welfare/rights. I was disappointed, but it was okay because our car was returned home, I missed it for 10 days, huh... LOL.

I came home at 10pm, I was too exhausted. I had a cold shower to awaken myself somehow and because I felt so dusty and yucky from going out the whole day (almost, I'm count my fingers now, lmao). I couldn't be able to sleep well if I haven't shower. Probably, I can hardly sleep, but if I did.. the whole night will be a nightmare because I'll just scratch myself and I stink, eiwwww!

I love to end the night (oh! it's almost morning..) by saying... I had a long day, as busy as a bee, but I was happy. It's now 2:30 am. Good night/morning, bloggers and readers!!!

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