Monday, March 14, 2011

Important Tips During A Family Interview @ The US Embassy Applying for Citizenship

My hubby said that personal appearance is very, very important for applying a US passport/Citizenship. We weren't aware of the questions that they might ask. I was a little nervous because it's my first time to be interviewed at the US Embassy in my whole life. But I pretended to be calm so that everything will be okay (somehow).

When we were called, my hubby handed the forms along with our passports. The one in-charge told us to go to the "privacy room" where nobody could see or hear what we're discussing about.

The Family interview has two parts:

1. Questions about the validity of the documents, the officer in-charge scanned our documents if they were completely and correctly filled out. It was also mentioned about the process of getting the Certificate of Live Birth Abroad, Social Security Number and Passport.

2. Questions about personal like:

*When, where and how did you meet? (referring to parents of the child)- I probably thought that it is because I am a Filipino that this question must be answered, probably the US government would like to make sure that I am not selling my baby for illegal adoption or probably things beyond my imagination.

*Tell me something about your relationship. - I have already prepared some pictures that we were together as couple, like the first time we met and our love letters from email and registered mail when my hub was still writing me. Good thing, I am a very sentimental person. I gathered all his letters and pictures as proof that we have a relationship.

*Are you married? If not, then why not? Are you planning to get married? Do you have previous marriages?

*How long have you been together? How many years have you been together, before you got pregnant? When and which country did you get pregnant? (means the conception)? -

*How many children do you have?

*Do you have plans on going home in the US, just in case? Are you going to bring your newborn? When and where? Are you going to take your wife, too?

*Do you wish to apply for your wife's visa, in the future.. if ever? What is her educational attainment?

*Do you work? What is your job in Thailand?

These are some of the questions that they might ask on you when you apply for a newborn US passport. They would even check the pictures of the newborn and the parents. If the baby does not look like his/her mom and/or dad, they might ask for a DNA through a saliva sample.

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