Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Charged To Experience

Yesterday, I went to Pantip Plaza to have my new HP notebook's battery replaced because it wasn't charging at all. If my notebook is not covered by the warranty, then it will be too expensive to buy a new one. They said, it would cost me around 5,000 baht just for that thing. It's like half the price of my notebook when I bought it.

Going to Pantip Plaza from Ramkamhaeng 150 will take you two hours because of the traffic jam. It was ridiculuous indeed as I've stayed for only 10 short minutes to talk with them regarding my two concerns. However, the travel time was 4 long hours, back and forth. My two main reasons were: 1.) to complain about the VAT refund for tourist, I wasn't able to claim because of their *BS* tricks. and 2.) to ask for a battery replacement.

First, when I went on the 3rd floor of CSC Electronics store. I brought my passport and the official receipt with me so they could validate my identity and the notebook that I bought from their store last December 22, 2010. I asserted that my notebook was under warranty and they told me to go at the 4th floor (store's service center).

While I was at the 4th floor, I also complained that I haven't got my VAT refund for tourist last time that I went to Philippines because they (store) didn't give me a yellow form when I asked and they said that I should get it at the airport. Duh~! I told them that I went to the airport and explained them the same but they were saying that the store was not listed as "accredited" to distribute the yellow form.

The staff/technician who speaks english asked me if I know the person who told me that, of course I didn't know her personally but I remember her face. He said, he would try his best to help. He left for 3 minutes and then when he came back he told me that I couldn't be able to get my refund because the receipt was addressed in Thailand where I am staying and it was almost 3 months when I bought it, so there's no other possible way that I could get it refunded. I thanked him for his effort of explaining it to me. But then, again... it's charge to experience.

Moreover, he accompanied me at the 3rd floor to the HP's Authorized Service Center and he turned me over to the staff in-charge. In fairness, they were so accomodating and friendly. They found out that my battery was not charging. Since, it is still under warranty (less three months old), they will provide the replacement at their expense. My HP notebook is under one year warranty and it is really a good help. But, I wish for the best.

They said that they will get my notebook because they need to replace the battery. But, I told them how can I use my notebook if they'll get it from me. They smiled and said, "Oh okay~ so you're using your notebook everyday! No problem, we will just take off the battery so you could still be able to use your notebook while waiting for the replacement".

Finally, they told me that I will call them or they will call me after 3 working days, to know if they have the new battery for me. I gave them my mobile number, passport details, email address and home address. They asked me to sign the incident report before I left. They gave me a copy of it, which I will show when I claim for the replacement.

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