Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Happenings 2010

Christmas is one of the most special, holy and exciting day of the year. Definitely, more important than my birthday, of course! :) It is great to spend time Christmas in the Philippines with family and friends around. This is my second year celebrating Christmas in Bangkok with my family. I am missing my mom and daughter so much.

5th of December, we attended a Christmas party together (as a family) for the first time and still for the first time this month. Majority of the attendees are Filipinos and other expats, I met them through a social networking site called

I was fascinated by eating my fave pancit molo soup, pasta and the fried chicken (drooling again,lol). I do really have an active stomach, which means that I do EAT a loooottt! I could eat twice or thrice as my hubby's eating. Luckily, my body is not as big as mother elephant bwahahahaha maybe too soon.. who knows? hahaha

The exchange gift was also exciting.. but I promise to myself not to open the gift until Christmas (want to surprise myself even more). That's how we do it at home, we open Christmas presents at exactly 12:00 am of December 25th. I was surprised, my hubby believes the same :)

Second week of December, we were invited to attend a Christening cum Christmas party in the neighborhood. Good thing, our Parish Church is situated within our village (4-5 minutes walk). It was so convenient for us because we live nearby our neighbor and the Church.

It took awhile for me to post this blog because I got busy on Christmas preparations for the coming week and onwards. Next week will be Christmas day. A very close friend of mine (my colleague), expressed her interest to visit me on Christmas day. I am thinking of cooking spaghetti and macaroni or potato salad. I'll also ask some friends if they are free, so we will have some sort of small party... just a few friends will do. But, I am not sure if they are on holiday out of Bangkok or still be working on Christmas day, since this is a Buddhist country. Luckily, December 25 falls on Saturday.

My neighbor at first street was inviting me on Christmas day for a party as well. The good thing about living here in my place is that there are many Filipinos nearby and the Church, too.

A photo souvenir from our first Christmas party and this is our first Christmas photo together this year. My daughter was sleeping, then (too bad), I wish I could wake her up. More Christmas party to come this month. Cheers! :)

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