Monday, December 13, 2010

30 Reasons Why I Couldn't Blog

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Sometimes, I found it difficult to blog. But there are those times like these past few weeks that I started non-stop blogging again. I have this kind of activity that when I do some thing this week, I will do it one, two or the whole month just for one single agenda, like blogging, chatting, hanging out with friends, etc.

Below are just some of the reasons why I stop or not blogging. I am not going to blog because I am or I have ............................

1. Busy multi-tasking
2. Baby sitting
3. Out of the country for vacation
4. Feeling lazy and lazy to upload the images
5. Asleep (of course)
6. Making love (smile)
7. Bad internet connection
8. No electricity
9. Not in the mood
10. Taking a shower
11. Doing my laundry
12. Talking on the phone
13. Part time jobs
14. Hanging out with family/friends or by myself
15. I love to do nothing
16. Sick
17. In the hospital
18. Paper work (helping my hubby)
19. Cooking
20. Eating
21. Cleaning the house
22. Driving lessons
23. Swimming
23. Facebooking & Online Games
24. Researching seriouly
25. In the Church
26. Dancing
27. Singing/Videoke
28. Exercise/At the gym
29. Doing my nails
30. Watching TV/DVD/movie

I may not post a blog, but I have drafts sometimes and just feel lazy to post because I haven't uploaded some images to each of my blogs so I have pending blogs that I've started long time ago.

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