Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sisters: The Reunion

My youngest daughter and I went home last 24th of July to visit my eldest and mom in the Philippines. I've waited for this moment to happen. I was really happy when they finally meet each other.

I took a picture of them and caught their precious moments together. My realization was that I've never thought of my eldest daughter being a responsible sister. The age gap is ten (10) long years. My eldest was born 2000 and the youngest was in 2010.

This is a perfect shot for me :) Loving the way they smile, keeps all my problems away!

We went to the supermarket to buy stuff for my nephew's birthday. They had fun being together and... of course! with ME :)

They are the ones who makes me stronger everyday. I am so happy that I am blessed to have two beautiful girls in my life. Plus, I have a very supportive partner who always there to understand and love me.

My life is 95% complete. The 5 percent thing is that I must be able to have a stable minimal income so as to support my eldest daughter in the Philippines and to save money for my own needs. I hate to expect or assume that my partner will always give me in terms of money. But, it is also good that I have mine. It's not actually being selfish, but I don't actually want to ask for my partner to financially support my eldest kid as I am protecting our relationship. I don't want us to argue about money.

My daughters have different fathers, but I would like them to feel that they are both LOVED equally. My dream, is that ONE DAY soon they will live together with me, sleep together in one room.

I love my daughters so much!!! At last, they've met. But, this won't be the last... :)

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