Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back To Where I Belong (Part 1)

It has been such a long, long time since my last post here (laughs). I got so busy with my family life these days... Speaking of which, we had planned to visit my home town.. "Pilipinas" also known as Philippines and with so much pride I will bring our newborn, baby Sofia.. to meet and visit her granny and great granny, aunts, uncles, close relatives and my friends. This is really awesome for we will be having family reunion then. It is only sad that my hubby couldn't be able to join because he has to attend things at work. He just signed a work contract and it is not practical indeed to have a vacation with us. He would probably will next year.

I was just thinking what to prepare on our way home like what can I give them as a souvenir in Thailand as well as the documents that we need so we could go back without hassles from the Philippine immigration check point at the airport. I mean, there's no need to worry about the round trip ticket it was already booked online by a good friend of mine. It is so much cheaper to book a ticket online.

Here are the documents I must prepare for the Philippine Immigration Check point:

♥ Original and Photocopy of Passports (Sofia & mine)
♥ Birth Certificate of Sofia (English & Thai translation)
♥ Certified Report of Birth(from the Philippine Embassy here in Thailand)
♥ Photocopy of my hubby's work permit
♥ Photocopy of my hubby's passport
♥ Family Photos
♥ Photocopy of House Lease Agreement
♥ Original copy of Satellite TV, Internet and Telephone Bills
♥ ATM international debit card
♥ Letter of Invitation (from my hubby to write down that he's inviting us to go back in Thailand to live with him)

These are just my thoughts and maybe the Immigration desk officer will be satisfied to allow me to go back to Thailand with my daughter.

I have a long list because my husband and I are not married yet. We are working on it very soon. It is only one of my many reasons why I need to go back home. That is to arrange pertinent documents or means to have my annulment approved. I should have thought about this thing before I went to Thailand and live with him but I haven't got clear ideas as to how and where to go about it.

The next thing that I am planning to do is to get an ED Visa so that my stay will be longer as it used to be. That is what we have agreed. But I am also thinking of taking the TESOL or TEFL course. It would cost so much but I am pretty sure it will be worth it!♥:)

Going back to Philippines is such a pain in the ass. Remembering how I was questioned and got pissed off by these people at the immigration desk. However, I am positive that I won't be dealing with this again next time (my fingers crossed, lol). Plus the fact that I need to give presents/keepsakes for my family and close friends. That would be so much expensive! I must remember to travel lightly although, it is impossible to do so (laughs).

I am getting so excited NOW! So... Philippines, here I come with my baby Sofia!♥
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