Sunday, February 14, 2010

Celebrating Chinese New Year & Pre-Valentines Day

I had a chance to go out the whole day and night last Saturday, February 13, 2010. My husband was not there that day because he attended his friend's birthday party @ Pattaya so I decided to consume my day by hanging out with my friends. In the morning and lunch time, I was with my college friend, Eds. We went out to see a movie and lunch together @ The Emporium Mall, the place we usually visit each time we have a meeting. She gave me a rose because the following day will be Valentines day. She's so thoughtful.

After my meeting with her, I had another meeting with my siam pinoy friends, Harley and Angie @ Siam Paragon Mall, Bangkok. From Emporium Mall I took the BTS station (from Phrompong to Siam). It was too confusing for me as it was my very first time to go there alone. Plus, there are three building with the name Siam and they are all different. I thought Siam Center is the same as Siam Paragon or there may be a connecting way how to get there. Apparently, I need to cross the way via footbridge because I was obviously lost hahaha and they are waiting on me because I was super late. I felt guilty, though.

We watched the dragon dance ceremony outside which was in front of the mall, after we dine in for afternoon snack @ KFC.

with Harley in front of the fountain

I love balloons :D

Picture taking in front of the mall, @ Siam Paragon signage, super cool! :)

look at the emotion and pose... (laughs)

Fashion model trio indeed! :D

with Angie

with Harley

Alone time with my lovely rose, super emote :)

Super nice shot by Angie... I love it!

The three of us...

The dragon, Harley and Me

The dragon, Angie and Me

The super trio

We had a good dinner at Sta. Fe Steak Restaurant in MBK along Siam Square. It was my first fun, fun, fun night out! I wish I could be able to spend another meet up next time with MC and other SP members so it would be great! ;)


Ely Biado said...

I am looking at the places you went through but more personal pic this time.

BTW, Harley is photogenic.

Elektra said...

Thanks for dropping by again, Ely. Yes, I love girl bonding as I always stay home hahaha.

Harley is definitely photogenic.

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