Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Sweetheart's Soccer Game

It's a wonderful thing that I was able to witness how my sweetheart play football. He is indeed into sports, notwithstanding his figure and weight (laughs). I love him for what he is, no matter what people say about him. Inspite of the fact the he's pretty "healthy", I should say hehehe others would call him fat or shall I say, he admitted that he is fat... and I DONT GIVE A DAMN :D

They usually play football every Wednesday, but it is still depends on his mates' schedule because they are all working and others are still committed to teach privately (tutorial) after school. Their opponent (other team) is Thai youth players. They know that the other team is better as compare to them because they are young, more active and keeps on practicing everyday. But I told him that it is not about winning the game; it is about enjoying the game playing with friends, losing a little weight from doing it and will give him pleasure because he loves playing football.

On that afternoon, I cheered for him and gave my full support. I took several pictures and videos because I want to show to our little one in the future. So I can tell her stories about his athletic daddy. My sweetheart used to play rugby and baseball, too when he was younger.

In this picture, he was really thirsty and sweating so much. He was inspired to play the game... Was it because I was watching him? hmmmm... that was for sure ;)

He was doing some stretching, just before the game started. At first, he was ashamed of his friends because I took ramdom pictures of him and them while playing. But, he didn't mind me after awhile and he suggested to have a group picture.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Celebrating Chinese New Year & Pre-Valentines Day

I had a chance to go out the whole day and night last Saturday, February 13, 2010. My husband was not there that day because he attended his friend's birthday party @ Pattaya so I decided to consume my day by hanging out with my friends. In the morning and lunch time, I was with my college friend, Eds. We went out to see a movie and lunch together @ The Emporium Mall, the place we usually visit each time we have a meeting. She gave me a rose because the following day will be Valentines day. She's so thoughtful.

After my meeting with her, I had another meeting with my siam pinoy friends, Harley and Angie @ Siam Paragon Mall, Bangkok. From Emporium Mall I took the BTS station (from Phrompong to Siam). It was too confusing for me as it was my very first time to go there alone. Plus, there are three building with the name Siam and they are all different. I thought Siam Center is the same as Siam Paragon or there may be a connecting way how to get there. Apparently, I need to cross the way via footbridge because I was obviously lost hahaha and they are waiting on me because I was super late. I felt guilty, though.

We watched the dragon dance ceremony outside which was in front of the mall, after we dine in for afternoon snack @ KFC.

with Harley in front of the fountain

I love balloons :D

Picture taking in front of the mall, @ Siam Paragon signage, super cool! :)

look at the emotion and pose... (laughs)

Fashion model trio indeed! :D

with Angie

with Harley

Alone time with my lovely rose, super emote :)

Super nice shot by Angie... I love it!

The three of us...

The dragon, Harley and Me

The dragon, Angie and Me

The super trio

We had a good dinner at Sta. Fe Steak Restaurant in MBK along Siam Square. It was my first fun, fun, fun night out! I wish I could be able to spend another meet up next time with MC and other SP members so it would be great! ;)

Happy Valentine's Day 2010

I've received pretty red roses from my husband and my close friend Eds today. We've had a dinner and movie date at Fashion Island Mall tonight. I didn't feel that we're celebrating a Valentine's date tonight because almost every week or anytime we are free we could just go out to see a movie and dine out. I guess, everyday is a Valentine's day for us. Everyday is filled with love, caring, thoughtfulness, sweetness and everything.

For once in my life, I've experienced this kind of relationship I always longing for. To love someone and be able to be loved in return. I am always thankful for this wonderful blessing. God is really good! Thank God.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Friday Madness with MC @ Wat Pho & Wat Arun via Chaopraya River

I haven't got a chance to post my blog last weekend because I got so tired. Actually, I still have pending blogs to make and I have no time to write as I got so tired from our Friday's trip with a good friend of mine. That was really a one day event and was exciting because it was my first time to travel around the City of Bangkok.

We met at Phra Khanong BTS station at past 9am, because I was late (yes! as usual~).

This picture was taken inside the BTS station (MRT/LRT in the PH)

A friend of mine took photos of me from my arrival up to the end of our journey :)

At the waiting area of Pier. We needed to ride a boat to reach our destination

picture taking by Chaopraya River, the biggest river in Bangkok.

bitter sweet smile under the sun, it really shows! this photo couldn't lie to me lololol

I couldn't smile any good because it's sooo HOT!

What were these people doing behind my back? :D

This photo is more beautiful if... there're no people standing behind me lololololol

We didn't know that taking a picture here will cost me 40 baht... huh? what on earth?! If I have known... I wouldn't try to do this, not worth of my money at all! charged to experience hmmmpp!

nice shot and me! :)

relaxing and recharging because I need more energy to go down stairs :D

We asked someone to take pictures of us together so we could keep them as remembrance about our exciting but tiring journey :)

MC and Me

She took a stolen shot of me, as I looked at the wonderful view of Wat Arun... :D

Standing in front of the reclining Buddha in Wat Pho. It was difficult to take photos here because there were many tourists that time, yay!

The face of the reclining Buddha.

MC and me, we were about to eat our dinner @ Japanese restaurant in Siam Paragon Mall. As usual... picture taking before we eat lololololol

My solo pic while we were dining that night, I changed my clothes and had to refresh because I was stinky (laughs)
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