Friday, January 1, 2010

My New Year 2010

How did we celebrate the New Year here in Bangkok? Simple. We didn’t need to cook as we are only two people in the house, like we did last Christmas no extravagant celebration. During the countdown, we were asleep and snoring hehehe and that was how we welcome the New Year!

Last Christmas, we went dine out and watched the movie “Sherlock Holmes”. But we decided not to go out and stayed home all day on January 1st. He woke up at 7:30 am and was busy watching the football early in the morning. I was sleeping soundly and woke up at 10:00 am already. I was really tired because I had my Cambodia trip a day before January 1st. So the following day, I felt like tired and sleepy.

Last year, I reminisced the New Year’s count down when I was at work (as a call center representative) in Makati. That was when I was looking at the fire works display then, my mobile rang... I received a call from my sweetheart. He remembered and greeted me that time and that was soooo wonderful. I felt like flying because he gave a call just to greet me. I felt so important and that day I was wearing a big happy smile on my face. I won’t forget that day. It was the day that he won my heart. I have never expected anyone will call me because I was at work and everybody in my family and friends knew that. Probably, I’ve never expected anyone because that would be a busy time to do the fire works or the Filipino tradition when the clock strikes 12:00 am in celebration of New Year.

On December 31st before we slept, I reminded him about last year’s countdown. He looked and smiled back at me… and he said “Yes, I remember and you gave me more happiness in return...” That was the loveliest words (music to my ears)I have ever heard from him, better than hearing him say “Ï love you”. It was a new year’s gift for me from him because I am so much glad that he appreciates what I have done or will do for him.

I feel so emotionally secure and peaceful because we are together. I feel the love that I need because he is so loving, caring and romantic. I know he will become a good father to our baby Sofia. This New Year is really joyful for us to be complete as family. I have no New Year’s resolution, though. I just would like to do whatever is necessary and pleasing for my family to be happy and so am I.

Happy New Year to all! Let’s start the year right and be merry! Cheers!

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