Monday, January 11, 2010

Manic Monday Afternoon

Big smile while having my iced green tea with mousse and loving it!

A new friend of mine invited me to go out on a lunch date this afternoon. I had so much fun as we have some things in common like photography, traveling (lakwatsera), funny and fun to be with, both have a foreigner loved ones, etc.

We ate at one of our favorite restaurants here in Bangkok. We met at Fashion Island's Sizzler's Steak Restaurant. I ordered the beef steak and french fries. While waiting for my main course, I joined her at the salad bar buffet. I got the spinach soup and varieties of salad. We both loved the taste of salad there. And the cost was so cheap as compare to other buffet restaurants.

Salad galore, Watermelon shake, spinach soup and yummy garlic cheese bread :p

Beef steak with french fries for my main course

Chocolate, Blue berry Mousse and yummy jellies for our dessert

After lunch, we took a walk and went to Coffee World Cafe to have a cup of coffee.

Waffle pancakes courtesy of my friend

It's pretty nice that there's a wifi service for free because I brought my laptop with me this afternoon.

I really had fun today and I am looking forward for our next meeting which is next Friday and we're planning to go somewhere. I do not know the place but I am sure I will enjoy once again. I admire her skills in photography. Thanks, MC! :D

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