Friday, January 8, 2010

Meet My Favorite Thai Food: Ga Paw Mu Khai Dhao

I love Thai food so much but what I really hate is the super spicy in most of their menus.

One of my favorite Thai recipes is this. It is called Ga Paw Mu Khai Dhao (stir fry ground pork, garlic and string beans with rice and fried egg). This was my lunch today. In the picture you will see that there are squid chunks included. Originally, there is no squid in the Ga Paw Mu Khai Dhao, it is called differently but the ending is still the same "Khai Dhao".

There are many variations of this recipe. You can choose either ground pork, beef or chicken. And some of them, are adding young corn and green bell peppers. It is really spicy, but if you tell them to cook it less spicy, you will say “phet nit noi” (means less spicy), nit noi means little or less and the Thai term phet is spicy. Or if you don’t like spicy food, then say it “mei phet”.

In other cozy restaurants, of course, they have a very beautiful food presentation. Since, I just ordered this across the road where we live and the nearest decent "carenderia" in our place, the presentation is just so-so. But I still love the taste. I know how they cook it, so I am 110% sure it is clean and healthy. It costs 40.00 Thai baht only. I like the way they cook my food because when I say a little spicy, they will listen to you (and your needs) unlike, other food stores at the Jatujak market, they won't listen, they still would put so much spicy peppers. Maybe because for them, it is delicious.

I often order this food like 2-3 times a week (if I feel lazy to make my own food) because it is really delicious. One day, I watched the cook the way she prepare this dish. And now I know how to cook this food so maybe tomorrow or next week I’ll try to post the recipe. But please check it out on my other blog… the Food Tripping and Recipes ( I love eating and cooking so much so I’ve decided to make a separate blog for it. Chow! ;)


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

nice food trip..

Elektra said...

hehehe yes food trip indeed! But if u want really a food trip blog, please try this link I made separate blog for food tripping and recipes. Happy reading and visiting! Thank you, Arvin. Happy New Year!

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