Saturday, January 2, 2010

Girls' Day Out

A close friend of mine called me up last week to know if I am okay and what keeps me busy nowadays after Christmas and New Year. We decided to meet and have our lunch together at The Mall Ramkamhaeng this morning.

I got super excited because it has been a long time since our last meeting. I woke up at 7:45 am today and went to the meeting place an hour earlier. Good thing, we met there earlier than our expected meeting time. We ate lunch at the mall, and then we decided to go to Emporium Mall after our terrific lunch date. I told her that I would like to take pictures of me and us so I could document the event here on my blog. I gave her my Christmas present and she liked it.

When we we’re there at the entrance of the mall, she told me to pose near the snowmen and the Christmas tree. It was really exciting. She could really see the nice spot and shots. She has “eyes” for photography. And I love taking pictures so we make a good pair.

After our photo shots outside and inside the mall, she suggested to watch a movie with me because she would like to see “Couples Retreat” or “Did you hear about the Morgans?” I recommended that she must see Couples Retreat because it is really awesome movie and I’ve already watched it with my sweetheart (of course). I was willing to watch it again but unfortunately, it was not available anymore. That was shown on November last year. I told her to just grab a DVD copy of it. We both agreed to watch the other one and she did not want me to pay for my movie ticket (her treat). I was craving for caramel flavored pop corn and I bought for two (she liked plain).

After the movie, I offered her to eat sundae ice cream at Swenssen’s (my treat) before we go home. We both loved the taste of sundae. I ordered the nutty sundae with strawberry and blue berry cheese flavor. I just loved the taste and would like to come back soon.

I told her that I want to buy stuff for making a baby scrap book. She accompanied me to the stationery shop and I bought four kinds of pink paper with pretty designs, a set of acetate film and a cozy art paper cover. I still need more items to buy but I’d like to go home before the sun sets. I can buy those at the nearest stationery shops in our place. We went to the BTS station after my shopping spree and we parted at past 5:00pm. I really had fun with her.


Chyng said...

Hi Elektra!

Are you a Pinay or Thai citizen?
Thanks for the offer. My travel will be this July. I'll email you about the trip. Thank you! Ü

Elektra said...

Hello Chyng! You are welcome. Happy New Year to u and your family. Thanks for visiting. I am 100% Pinay - half Bicol and half Ilocana(Bilocana). Sure no worries, just keep me posted. I'll give you my number when you're already sure about the date. Good Luck!

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