Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Exploring Thailand: Koh Chang's White Sand Beach Resort

It was my sweetheart's holiday so we decided to go out of town. That was a month after his birthday. He would like to make up with me because he went out of the country to Singapore for his birthday celebration with his friends.

Koh Chang is a beautiful destination with long sandy beaches and a jungle interior. It is part of the Koh Chang national park in Trat province close to Cambodia and can be reached within 4 hours with bus or minivan from Bangkok. Bangkok Airways flies from Bangkok to Trat with daily flights.

When we got there on October, 2009, the weather was not good. But we still enjoyed swimming at the beach. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. I suggests if you wanna visit this place, try Buffalo Bill Steak House and Hotel because they have cheaper food and accommodation. The food was really yummylicious. Some of the food in the menu are good for two persons already. The room is clean, air conditioned, peaceful, and big enough for two. The service was really good. We've spent only 700 baht per day because it was not a peak season.

The Hotel and Restaurant Buffalo Bill Steak House is located in the heart of White Sand Beach close to shopping and restaurants, on the west coast of Chang Island (Koh Chang).

This was our room facing the road

...and our toilet with hot and cold shower

You will find this place at the left side going there, along the way. We just took a songkyeow (jeepney version in the Philippines). In front of this restaurant cum hotel (across), you will find other hotels and the beach resort. You won't need to check-in to other expensive hotels there just to get the room in front of the beach when you can just go to the public access passage/way. It is really economical.

But of course, we won't be eating steak all day and all night. We tried to go out and search for other menus. We found Thai restaurants there that served seafoods delight. The following day, we went to other restaurants there and ordered pizza. Oh by the way, you can also try fast food restaurants there if you wish because there are a few like Chester's grill (similar to KFC and Mc Donald's). There are also coffee shops and pastries. Actually, you will enjoy the trip because you won't feel that you're in an island. Banks with ATM machines are plenty, too.

If you want some relaxation by the white sand beach, there are Thai masseurs that offers different styles of massage. I had my oil massage for only 250 baht for an hour so cheap.


Lord CM said...

Pag punta ako jan, tour mo ako ah lolzz

Elektra said...

Depende yan kung malapit lang sa amin hehehe kapag Phuket at Changmai... nakupoh! Ang mahal ata dun. Hanggang Bangkok lang kita pwede masamahan hehehe libre mo ako ha JOKE!!!

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