Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Exploring Thailand: Kanchanaburi Province

These photo shots were taken last July, 2009 when my sweetheart took me to Kanchanburi province here in Thailand as his birthday present for me. It is about 6 hours travel time from where we live. I really had fun and this was the happiest birthday traveling experience for me. I usually stay home and celebrate my natal day with my family in the Philippines and it’s always been an indoor fun, simple celebration. We were there for 4 days and 3 nights. This was my first trip exploring the beauty of nature here in Thailand.

At Elephant's World. I did not feed the elephants with bananas because I was super afraid of them. I love this photo. We are One BIG HAPPY family ;)

Kanchanaburi is one of the most beautiful provinces for nature lovers. It is close to Bangkok and borders to Myanmar (Burma). It has much more to show as just the Bridge on the River Kwai - many worth seeing attractions like the Erawan Waterfalls, the Tiger Temple or a ride at the Death Railway etc.

Erawan Water falls

We did not book our tour there because he knew how to get there through mere online researching. That’s what I like about him, he is so resourceful, innovative and wise spender. It is cheaper to just go there and explore around than book a package tour because if they knew that you are both foreigners, chances are, they will give you the high cost and won’t give any discounts. It is rampant here that when they knew that you are a foreigner and you can’t understand and speak their language they will take advantage of you (the price goes up, believe me). So.. we are very much aware of that.

a lovely pose at the Death Railway by the River Kwai. This was after we took a ride at the Death Railway.

Buddha's Temple inside the Tham Than Lot Noi Cave

At the lobby of our hotel, the lady cashier was asking me in Thai. Of course, I replied that I can’t speak any of their language (although I know quite a few basic expressions) in English. She was surprised because I look pretty much of a Thai citizen, but not when I speak. She laughed at me and gave me an advice not to speak at all when I am in public, especially if my sweetheart is paying so as we could guarantee that we will be able to get a fair and same cost of what they (Thai national) are paying. She suggested a reasonable price for a package tour going to Erawan Water Falls and Park, Elephant World, Bridge of the River Kwai, Death Railway Museum and War Cemetery and we agreed to book a tour. Inside the vehicle service, I noticed that I was the only asian passenger(except for the Thai driver and the tour guide, of course).

Baby tiger

The Death Railway Museum

Kanchanaburi War Cemetery

Don-Rak War Cemetery

The following day, which was my birthday, he surprised me and took me to the beauty spa to have my face scrub and body scrub with Thai’s famous aromatic hot oil massage. I thought we had a scheduled trip that day but he canceled and decided to surprise me. He succeeded ;)

This was taken before my scrub and spa service. Whatta smile :)

We decided to go around the place at night without even knowing where to go at first. I took a pose here, I was tempted to drink that soda behind me. But he told me I will be put in jail if I did... :)

We found this street sign. America Road??? hahaha we both laughed. We successfully arrived back at out hotel safely with tired knees and feet.

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