Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My First Christmas Party with Filipinos in Bangkok

I was happy that I convinced my Sweetheart to join our Christmas party at Siampinoy (a social networking site for Filipinos in Thailand) last December 18, 2009 (Friday). At first, he hesitated to come with me because he said he didn’t know anyone there. But, I told him not to worry because I didn’t know them all, either. Except for the host of the party. If I was not able to take him there, I won’t be able to attend that night. I don’t wanna attend there alone, and the party will start at 6pm. I have a curfew that I must be home before 6pm whenever I planned to go out. He did not imposed such curfew, but I don’t want to go home that late (I mean for me, out of respect for him). When I was single, I can go out at night whenever I wanted to. Not anymore because I am committed now and I don’t want him to wait on me at home. For me, that is not good in a relationship.

We’ve decided to bring Italian style spaghetti for our potluck share in the party. Since, he needed to go to work; I accepted the responsibility to cook spaghetti. When my Sweetheart went back home, I told him to taste my spaghetti and he said it was good. I was glad to know he appreciated my spaghetti. We went to the party together as early as 6:00 pm. As requested, the host of the party picked us up at the entrance gate of their Village as we both don’t know where to go. The venue is a little complicated/confusing because the all the houses’ structure are alike.

We’re the first visitors there, the other members started to show up one by one after an hour of waiting. We’re aware about Filipino time dilemma which is always late by an hour hahaha. I enjoyed the food and so was he (mostly Filipino dish). The menus that night were Chicken barbecue, Pork estofado, Pancit molo, and Mixed vegetables. They were teasing us at the party because of our sweetness for each other. One of them said that I am lucky to have him. But I guess, we are both lucky to have each other because the feeling is mutual.

My Sweetheart and I had very much fun at the party, meeting nine (9) of the SP members that night. It was indeed a pleasure to meet new friends in person. We left the party at 10pm already because we’re so tired and sleepy. This was my first Christmas party with my fellow Filipinos I’ve ever attended in Bangkok.

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