Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cambodia Trip

I woke up at 5:00 in the morning today because I had to attend a visa extension trip going to Banlem, Cambodia. Last time, I went to Vientiane, Laos. My sweetheart accompanied me to the bus station and before I left, he bought me something to eat for my early breakfast. He is just so thoughtful and loving. As usual, before I rode on the bus, we kissed… so cheesy!

I went off at Ekkamai and took the BTS (MRT version in the Philippines) from there to On Nut. That was fast and easy so I reached the meeting place at exactly 7:00 am; I was still early so I decided to eat breakfast again while waiting for the van lolololol. I noticed that I was the earliest passenger arrived there and I was happy because I can choose where to sit. I preferred to sit at the second row, at the back of the driver because it has enough room for my long legs and so the journey will be comfortable for me.

I met some of my fellow pinoys there. They are the ones I met in Laos and Cambodia sometime on July and November. We were only five passengers there and all of us are Pinoys. I was happy as I could chat with them while we’re on the road trip. There was no traffic at all, perhaps due to holiday season. It is December 31. I reminisced that during this day in the Philippines, there are heavy traffic everywhere.

When we reached the border, it was already 12 noon. We gave our important documents at the Thai embassy to exit, cross the border to Cambodia. Then, we went to the nearest restaurant in Banlem, Cambodia to have our lunch there. After, we rest for about 15 minutes so we could go to Cambodia immigration and then, back to Thai immigration office so as to extend our visa permit to entry. They granted us 60 days or two months. My visa will expire on February 28, 2010.

Before my visa expires, I will have to go to the Thai Immigration office in Bangkok to allow me not to travel anymore because of my condition. By then, I will be 32 weeks and 4 days or more than 8 months pregnant. That would be so risky for us (my baby and I). After giving birth to our precious baby Sofia, I will be studying Thai language for a year so I could get a one year student visa. Then, I would no longer travel every two months for extension.

All in all, my Cambodia trip was safe and fun. We arrived at 5:06 pm at Tesco Lotus On Nut. I called my sweetheart to inform him that I was safely arrived Bangkok and will be home soon. But, I got hungry so I had my early dinner at KFC inside the mall. Then, I took the BTS from there going to Ekkamai then to Minburi (our place). I almost got home at 8:00pm. He actually started to fall asleep while waiting on me :)

I wish to go to Vietnam though because the organizer said that there is a new route for this year going in there. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go because of my student visa plan, which is very important to me. I will miss the visa run next time, but for sure, I will be happy :)

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