Friday, December 25, 2009

My Christmas Day 2009

We woke up almost 8:00 in the morning already. He greeted me first and kissed me on my forehead. We got up to give each others' presents. He gave me this beauty spa pack in basket rack and a Selphy CP 760 camera printer.

That was so thoughtful and sweet of him. I gave him my gift and I was so shy because it's just a simple present coming from my heart (nax!hahaha) and I bought that gift for him with my own money. It's ironic if I'll spend his money to buy him a gift for Christmas, isn't it? So I decided to think about something to do for an instant cash while I'm home. I participated in an online site game in (Filipinos living in Thailand site). And I won an instant cash prize for the month of November just by joining/signing in and participate in the forums everyday.

He also gave me a Macadamia chocolate, which is one of the best chocolates for me. I really just loved the taste. And... I want more :D

After we had our very light breakfast, we went to the Fashion Island Mall for our lunch at Sizzler's Steak Restaurant. I ordered the spicy fish fillet with french fries. I enjoyed the salad bar buffet. They have variety of salads there, including soups and pasta. First, I got the pasta noodles with ham and mushroom sauce, topped with grated cheese and bacon crisps while waiting for my order to be cooked and placed on my table. I love the taste of garlic bread, soooo tasty. After, the main course, I chose to eat the vegetables (like spinach, broccoli, lettuce, etc.)and fruits (dragon fruit, pineapple, watermelon, yellow and green melons). Sizzler's is just one of my favorite restaurants here in Bangkok because the taste of food is really superb at a reasonable price.

I was really full as in full charged and I wanna go home because I was sleepy. But, I asked him to walk a little while before we go home so that we could digest some food we ate. I felt so heavy. The love of my sweetheart for me is still the best gift I've received this Christmas.


Lord CM said...

Merry Christmas po :)

In-add na kita sa KaBlogs Home Site, under ng Asia and Pacific...Hintay na lang po ng mga announcement kung sakaling may activity or projects..

Ely Biado said...

Wow, Macadamia chocolate.

Can I have some? yumyumyum.

Just a short visit.

Elektra said...

Maraming salamat, LordCM. Happy New Year! :D

Elektra said...

Thank you, Ely for the short visit. Sorry I almost finished eating all those Macadamias hahahaha Happy New Year! :D

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