Friday, October 28, 2011

Flood Hunting In Bangkok 2011

I got this article via CNN today:

Bangkok faces worst flooding yet, governor warns

October 26, 2011|By the CNN Wire Staff

Bangkok faces the highest flood levels yet and is preparing for the worst, the governor of the Thai capital told CNN Wednesday.

Residents are urged to flee the rising floodwaters, which have already forced the closure of Bangkok's Don Muang airport and the evacuation of flood victims who have taken refuge there.

Thailand's government has declared a five-day public holiday in flood-affected provinces to try to encourage people to seek safety elsewhere before high tides expected this weekend.

But Bangkok Gov. Sukhumbhand Paripatra told CNN the authorities could not evacuate a whole city and it was difficult to persuade the Thai people to leave their homes, despite the risk.


All the 50 districts of Bangkok will be flooded according to and many people are scared about this. People everywhere are panic buying everyday. Those who have cars/vehicles decided to park on the fly over bridges. Most houses and offices have sand bags in front of their houses and fences as high as 1 meter. And some just have it fixed with concrete cement as wall so that their house or office entrance will be safe from floods.

We also made some preparations like putting our appliances and furnitures upstairs to the 2nd floor of our entertainment room. It is good to have a two storey house because we have more rooms to put and keep our valuable things safe from flood. In addition, We made sure that the breaker downstairs was switched off to avoid short circuit or damage of our electric system and appliances. We usually use electric cooker/stove and grill for our cooking. But, we also have a gas stove (LPG), just in case, the electricity will be cut off anytime. We have stocks of drinking water, too. All these were ready since 2nd week of October! But, Thank GOD! No floods in our Village.

Everyday, we go out to buy things that we need or go places just to kill boredom. I mean, who's going to be happy spending time the whole day at home. My partner has got two weeks off and sad to say, we couldn't go outside Bangkok because of this flooding situation here. His vacation has been extended due to flooding.

I wake up everyday with a thankful heart that we are safe from flooding and still continue praying that tomorrow will be the same. I just got lucky that I didn't have to cancel my part time job (tutorial) with all these flooding. We were thinking about moving out last August, but Thank GOD! We didn't. Because, if we do.. we won't probably be safe. Now, we have learned to appreciate what we have.

When we go out of our Village, there is no flood. When I go to my part time job, there is no flood. The Ramkamkeng Road Keha has no floods. I go flood hunting every day and night, checking downstairs if there is flood coming into our house. I worried about my hubby's car, though. I'll just leave it all to God.

I am praying for the victims and those who are going to be affected by this flooding. This is really alarming as half of Bangkok has been submerged in water. It will soon reach our place, too (but, I hope not).


The following are excerpts from Press Release No. 15 dated 24 October of the Flood Relief Operations Center (FROC):
"At the FROC in Don Mueang, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said that since flood water is passing through Bangkok before being released into the sea, Bangkok residents might be affected by the huge volume of water.

"Even so, she said, flood water in the city is likely to be between 50 centimeters and one meter high, depending on the situation in each area.

"Minister of Science and Technology Plodprasop Suraswai said that, based on an assessment, stagnant flood water would remain for about one month, or one month and a half. The most critical period would be this week when the water level is high."

Based on reports, the "critical period" starts on the 27th, Thursday.


1. Stock up on water, lots of water using every available container. If you have bath tubs, fill them up with water too.

2. Make sure your cell phones are fully charged at all times.

3. Put your passports and other vital personal documents in a safe place. Wrap them in sturdy plastic to keep them from getting wet.

4. Call the Embassy hotlines (Philippine Embassy 08-9926-5954 or 08-4360-8405) at the slightest hint of an emergency.

God bless, Bangkok.. Let's pray for everyone, everyday. Take care.

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