Friday, September 2, 2011


It has been a long time since my last post and I miss blogging so much. I was occupied with most important thing than blogging.. MY FAMILY. I was thinking of compromising my part time job and future career here over my family. And to sum it up... I could still manage and balance both.. and YES, I survived and I always will!

Through this sorrowful journey in the past, I have learned something valuable. They are the following:

1. Yet friends are helpful at times, but FAMILY is still the most important thing in my LIFE and they'll always be there anytime.

2. In dealing with friends in general, less talk.. less mistakes. Sometimes, there are things that we candidly share to "someone-we-called-friend" which they used against you (behind your back!) because they feel superior. I don't know anyone who hasn't got problems, really.. do you? So, I learned to shut up a little bit. Although, this could make me sick, LOL.

3. Choosing my words carefully and avoiding people who just wanna make gossip about other people. It's not my business to listen to others' problems for I have so much problems to think about, too. If they need my advice and counseling, I must hear it straight from their mouths otherwise, I don't care.

4. Some people may think I am an anti-social person and indifferent, but it's better like this atleast, I can manage my life as a good mother and partner. Who would think that sometimes being so socially visible can be harmfulf? Which is important? My FAMILY of course!

5. Widen my circle and mingle with moms like me who are dealing with the same challenges everyday, that way.. I could be able to get something useful that I need and at the same time share some things (common interests) that I think would be helpful to some moms like me.

6. Revisiting my goals and objective this year and beyond. I sometimes tend to sway a little bit, and so self discipline is needed.

7. Sex is not the only thing about building up a good relationship or to get along with your partner. It is essential, I know. But, if you have goals not to get pregnant again.. it would be helpful to really have self control and abstinence is the answer! Not so easy, though~ I'm glad, my partner initiated it.. unbelievable.

8. Avoid toxic people to have stress-free day everyday. This way, I could be able to minimize dealing with life's daily challenges as well.

I love it this way. I could think deeply as how to live my life fruitfully. Life is not that bad, after all!

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