Monday, June 6, 2011

CLS Day 3: Loving Your Neighbor

To love God, includes this commandment of loving our neighbor. Our neighbor is not necessarily mean literally our neighbor.. this is not limited to neighbors but those other people.. could be our ENEMY, our friend, someone we do not know, anyone who is in need or any person other than you.

This is difficult. To love your neighbor is not easy but to begin with.. First, we need to have PATIENCE & UNDERSTANDING. Better said than done, I guess. However, we must follow God's commandments if we wanted to have an eternal life. To love our neighbor, first we have to have LOVE ourselves in order to give love to others. And by loving ourselves, we must evaluate ourselves in dealing with others. If someone shows some bad attitudes toward us, it is probably that we have some problems within ourselves. Try to correct and examine ourselves then, maybe that someone will change his/her mind in dealing with us. Humility is the key.

Session 5: Loving Your Neighbor

1. Loving neighbors, together with loving God, form the core of the Christian life.

2. Love is not only having positive feelings, not always saying "yes", not defensive, not self seeking, not manipulative

3. Christian love is:
* Connected with keeping God's commandments
* Self-sacrificial LOVE
* Committed service to others

4. Our neighbor is anyone who is in need of our help

5. Characteristics of Christian love in 1 Cor. 13:4-7
* Substitute "I" for "LOVE"

Jesus showed us the way to tru Christian Love by the parable of the Good Samaritan, by his washing of his disciples' feet, and most of all by his dying for us on the cross. Are we prepared to love others, in the way Jesus loved you?

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