Friday, June 17, 2011

CLS Day 4: Life In The Holy Spirit

I have been busy lately because of my job, so I posted this just now. The 4th Sunday was really memorable because the topic was about the holy Spirit. Our facilitator asked us this, "Who among you, are praying to the holy Spirit?" Few people raised their hands. It made me really think hard. I seldom pray before, specially to the holy Ghost.

It was memorable because I've got a chance to make a confession. It was my 2nd confession this year. Though, I won't dare to tell in full details as how they went and so on, so forth...

I was and still am happy that the parish priest was so helpful and supportive and so the CLS community. They're going to help us arrange our marriage vows soon! I was a little bit overwhelmed that day. With all the blessings that I have received the past week, I could really tell that God is listening to my prayers and that the holy Spirit is with me.

Another good news is that my first daughter can stay with me after her graduation next March or April. My hubby and I have consensus on my daughter's future. I am so glad that he is being so supportive, open, responsible, understanding and more loving lately. I mean he is more and more about something. Or he is just too generous and kind family man.

Moreover, I was called by the Management in one of the foundations (non-government org) here in Bangkok and told me that I will get a work permit after 3 months of working there as Volunteer. It was really good, because once I have got my visa, I can get my daughter in the Philippines anytime soon. By September or October (give or take), I'll have my work visa. I'll only have to report once a week in the Foundation, so that means that I still have time to do my other part time jobs such as tutorial, etc.

Last, last Friday, I went to the Agency here and luckily, I was accepted and started the five (5) days Substitute Teaching in one of the government schools here in Romklao (near our place). It was a great experience that I don't need to have demo teaching just to prove that I could teach as real teachers do. In 2000-2001, I was a home-room teacher in Antipolo City, teaching students aren't new to me anymore.

With so much blessings lately, I believe that God is always there for me. I became even more prayerful. Trials are not the reason to give up, lose hope, stop believing about God and doing bad things to ourselves and others. I had big trials, that was two weeks before these overflowing blessings came in to my life. I thought I would give up, but instead, I did not lose hope and faith to God. All the more that I had to lift all my troubles to the Lord. "Let go and let GOD...," I told myself. It is my FAITH to God, which is why I feel so blessed and peaceful.

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