Sunday, May 15, 2011

Friday The 13th: The Blogzilla Fever

Whoa! Finally, I've got time to post a new blog for this week after my lost post... What happened last time that I couldn't be able to post? It's not that I'm too busy or haven't got enough time to do so.. It's because the blogger site experienced a crash or whatever. It took like 2 or 3 days to have it fixed. But, I am happy that Blogger has been restored in "normal mode"...

Last May 13th(Friday), I witnessed how made bloggers like us felt so bad, depressed and disappointed. When I woke up that morning, the first time I checked was my blogger account before reading my emails and chatting with friends. It was in read mode only. I couldn't log in and the web banner saying that blogger is under maintenance, blah blah blah.. So got frustrated to get in to my dashboard to see and check my post or even to create a new blog entry.

I know that Blogger is still the best, user friendly and coolest blog service platform in blogging arena. This is my first time to experience trouble but it's nothing serious because all my blogs are complete.. (Thanks a lot!) But, there were or are people complaining that they lost their recent posts after the Blogger has announced that it's back to normal.

Hereunder are screen shots that I got from Facebook expressing bloggers' (public) feelings, disappointment and anger...

I wish this incident won't happen again because I rely on so much. This blog is my main and I have no back up copy of these posts that were written down here. If these posts will be completely erased... I don't know what to do. I love blogging and this is my hobby.. my passion and obsession. Blogger is still my favorite among the rest. So please do your job not to make this thing happen.. EVER again. I trust this site.

In this case, this only shows that many people are now using blogspot aka Blogger.

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