Sunday, May 29, 2011

CLS (Day 2)

Today's our second Sunday for Christian Life Seminar. The phrase that stuck in my mind is: CHRISTIAN... it was divided into two Christ and Ian. To become a Christian we must be in CHRIST otherwise it is only IAN short name for "I Am Nothing".

I have noticed and actually experienced last week's trials about my personal life. As something bad came up, that I couldn't be able to discuss here due to its sensitivity. Two bad things happened last week and to me, it's really the things that I've been praying for everyday and everytime I ask for blessings. No, I don't wanna blame God for what happened last week. I've noticed that since I joined the CLS and to belong in a spiritual group, my personal life has become like this and this started last week. I have even shared this during our small group workshop because those are really bothering me, up to now. They were right by saying... It wasn't God who are doing bad things about my life, but Satan. Satan is doing everything to pull me down and he is active thesedays as I am trying to become active and renewing my faith to God. It made me think that I MUST hold on all the more to HIM.

I know that it is challenging to make people who knew me believe of what I am doing right now, because I am not a good role model and I humbly accept that I have sinned and my dream is to be given a blessing of matrimony someday.

Session 2: What means to be a Christian?

1. When we accept Jesus as our Savior and Lord, we became Christians. Since we now carry the name of Christ. We must know what it means to be a Christian in order to fully live out our calling.

2. Misconceptions or incomplete notions about Christianity.
* a mere religious system
* a mere moral system
* a social humanitarian system
* an escape from the realities of life

3. The essence of Christianity is union with God, made possible through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
* it is a relationship initiated by God, out of His mercy and love for us.
* in Christianity, we become a new creation and participate in the very life of Christ
* we take on the nature of God, which is holiness.

4. Practical implications of being a Christian
* we can trust in God because God is our loving Father
* we can stop worrying because God knows our needs and will provide for us.
* we are brothers and sisters in Christand are committed to care for one another.
* since life on earth is temporary, we are to look to things that will enrich us for our eternal life rather than for this eartly life
* we can have peace and joy inspite of any circumstances.

Session 3: Repentance and Faith

1. God loves us, God sent His own Son to die for us. God has initiated a relationship with us as Father. Our proper response to all God has done for us is REPENTANCE and FAITH.

2. The Greek word for repentance is "metanoia" which literally means "a change of mind".
* it is a change of direction in life. It is a change in the way we live our lives, dropping an old set of ideals and values and adopting new ones

* specifically, repentance means a turning away from sin, evil, wrongdoing and running our own lives

* further, it is turning to a life of obedience to God and having Jesus on the throne of our lives.

3. Specific serious sins we must renounced:
* participation in non-Christian religions
* spiritualism and the occult (ghost hunting,horoscope,fortune telling/tarot cards, witch craft, etc)
* sexual wrongdoing (rape,homosexuality,pedophile,casual sex and any kind of sex outside marriage)
* serious crimes (murder, rape, masacre, drug and sex trafficking, etc.)

4. Faith is a belief in the good news of salvation in Jesus. It is a belief in Jesus as our personal Savior.

5. Consequences of repentance and faith:
* salvation from sins, Satan, death
* forgiveness and eternal life with God
* new life in the Holy Spirit

It is so difficult to not sin but if we always pray God will guide us, protect and save us from evil Satan. We must only ACCEPT and BELIEVE in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Our strong faith in God and repentance of our sins will save us from hell.

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