Monday, May 23, 2011

CLS (Day 1)

I received a phone call Saturday night from one of the Church members in our area. She said that the Christian Life Seminar will be held on May 22nd, it'll be 6 consecutive Sundays at 11am to 3 pm. I was delighted because I knew that I will have time for this. Weekends are days and time devoted for my family and my fellowship with God. Although, this shouldn't be limited or not necessarily or literally mean that I care and love them during Saturdays and Sundays ONLY. Weekends are special days for family and God.

So.. in short, I joined the Handmaids of Christ yesterday (Sunday) and felt really good after. I think four hours of the CLS seminar is not enough to grow spritually. But, the facilitator did mention that we need to have spiritual growth... atleast, one day at a time. Open our hearts to the Lord one step at a time, slowly opening the doors of our hearts which was locked because of our own selfishness and earthy life styles.

I was moved to tears, as we sang the opening and closing song, "Open The Eyes of My Heart Lord"

One of my favorite Christian songs

Session # 1: God's LOVE

1. The situation in the world today
* Serious disorder in society: war, poverty, murder, etc.
* On a personal level: loneliness, depression, fear, etc.
* Man makes various efforts to improve the world, but is not succeeding because these are not based on God's wisdom.

2. God has a plan for bringing us out of confusion and disorder.
* God is interested in our lives.
* God wants to restore our fellowship and intimacy with Him.

3. We need God's point of view.
* Satan is real and is behind the evils in the world.
* On our own strength, we cannot overcome the challenges in our Christian life.

4. Jesus Christ is the answer.
* Jesus is the fullness of God's love.
* In Jesus, God's plan for restoration can begin to happen in our lives.
* We need simply to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

We had a little group sharing in the afternoon, we were divided according to our status. I belong to the Handmaids of Christ group. In our group, we first introduced ourselves and shared how we personally experienced God's love..

I was not hesitant to share about my life because I know that is the truth and I wasn't telling them about my life because I am too proud of my mistakes nor too blind to see those mistakes that I had in the past. I was telling them because I believe that it will enlighten my burden and ease the little pain, to let it out in my heart so I could carry or take it lightly. Likewise, I am telling this to someone to tell them NOT TO DO WHAT I DID. Inspire them using my life's lesson that I fail and down, but I CHOSE and STILL CHOOSING to STAND UP after all or after the FALL. I believe that is LIFE all about. Learning from mistakes.

Looking forward for our next session on Sunday. May God be with me always.

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