Friday, April 1, 2011

Sports & Spa By Tararom Gym

Parking area

This is the best place to hang out with children here in Minburi, Bangkok, Thailand. The name of the gym is Sports and Spa by Tararom. It is just located along Ramkamhaeng and we live near the 180+ so that would be Ramkamhaeng 190+ road. It is opposite of Big C Super Center and Tesco Lotus Supermarket. For more information, just visit their website at or call them at 0-2540-0046

First Floor lobby, reception area and Coffee Shop

This area is no boring because you can wait for your loved one while he's doing his workout upstairs on 2nd floor, at the same time, you can take your laptop or notebook with you at the Coffee Shop or just sitting in a sofa and ask them to give you the wifi password because it's for FREE! I usually wait here while sipping a cup of hot coffee or the famous Thai iced cold milk tea called "Cha Yen"

Kiddie Pool

The entrance fee for guests or non-member is only 100.00 baht and 70.00 baht for kids below 15 years.

The Olympic sized swimming pool

The Fitness Center are open from 7:00 to 10:00 pm, everyday

They have complete gym equipments. You might wanna ask for the schedule of the Fitness Instructor to guide you about appropriate exercises and routines that you need. There are different routines for different people according to age, gender, weight/height, and health condition.

You have to do warm up exercises to stretch your muscles, first before you use the equipment so as not to abuse your body. Your muscles will only get sore and instead of relieving stress, you will feel pain... NOT GOOD! I was imitating these steps (above images) when I was there, lol

Of course, I just had a picture of Women's toilet because I am a woman.. (figure it out!)LOL. Seriously, they have two toilets (Man/Woman)at the second floor for the Fitness Center and another two for the 1st Floor because there are swimming pools and there you could also change your clothes or swim wear.

Women's Reception/Waiting Area

If you're going with your family, children can just stay here for a little while to watch their favorite TV programs (with cable).

They have other stuff eh LOL

Shower Area/Toilets with hot and cold shower

The Locker room.

Once you checked in the the Fitness Center, they will provide you a set of towel and locker key so you could keep your personal things secure. Don't forget to return the keys when you leave, to avoid penalties.

Before you go in the sauna room, you've gotta look at this.. Make sure you have taken a good shower before you enter the steam room. It is for your own good and for everyone. If you didn't, you will STINK inside and people can smell you!!! LOL

The interior (sauna)

Steam Bath/Spa

Waiting Area near the workout station

I was feeling good, refreshed... relieved and unstressed after an hour of work-out and 30 minutes steam bath. For sure, I'll keep coming back for more!!! :D

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