Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sofia's Birthday Pictorial (Part 1 and 2 Unedited version)

Today is Sofia's 1st Birthday! We are so excited to celebrate this very special day this coming Saturday. Although, we had her birthday lunch at Oishi Japanese Restaurant at Fashion Island.

Yesterday and today was fun,fun... FUN!!! because we set up a birthday pictorial for our very own princess Sofia. We both have our digicams (Sony DSLR and Samsung LP100) so we took shots altogether and alternately so as to capture our daughter's precious moments ;)

Part 1 by MOM

I wanted to capture her candid shots so I let her play and do whatever she liked to.

The Little Princess, I like her smile in here :D

My Disney Princess LOL

Smiling Angel

White Angel

Princess and the Wings

The Crying Fairy

Fairy Princess

Part 2 by DAD

Her daddy was more focus on her facial expressions and the frame so he would tell Sofia to look on cam because she was busy playing that time. I was calling her attention by making funny faces so she would look, smile and laugh! :D

I guess, it is not easy for toddlers to be the subject of photography as they have tendencies to just play or shy to face the camera. Not to mention the tantrums and mood swings lol

We had these pictorials so that we could send photos to Sofia's grandparents, aunties and uncles in the US. They miss her so much! We had to take 6 different photos to print at Big Camera, my hubby wanted them 8R sizes.

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