Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Privacy Fence

It is not surprising how people thesedays become so popular because of social networking sites or the use of internet. However, it is not impossible to keep yourself away from the limelight, lol. I know it's a little disturbing, devastating and annoying at times or everyday when you go online. Don't fret! You can control them. How? Just read on...

1. Choose your friends wisely.

This is the toughest part, but you'll get to know who your friends are in times of trouble. I believe that real friends can be tested during tough times not just for fun times. I have known that few friends only care about you when they know that you're okay. Lot of times, they're gone just when you need them the most. How is this relevant to the topic? Very relevant! When you've selected your friends carefully that is the time that you could be able to keep your privacy or decided to choose what you will dare to share. Imagine this, you share your information and personal things online without even considering that some people who (pretending to be your friend or those total strangers to you who are friends of your friends) wouldn't be interested to read about your happy daily life. Well~ In fact, they are waiting on your failures and will laught at you.

I used to be very expressive online on FB because I thought there's nothing wrong about posting my feelings. Not until I found out that some people/aquaintances (fake friends) that I added to my account were giving sarcastic and stupid comments on my posts which is totally uncalled for. Of course, I cannot change them, I cannot control what they wanna do and think about me. So, I have decided to set my FB account to privacy.

Choosing your friends is tough and a little tricky, sometimes. It's better to open up your intuition and senses so you would be able to look things differently. Do not always add up people to your social networking site immediately. Learn to study their behavior/attitude if they're of the same wavelength as you. Why is this so? Because, if you don't share common interests/thoughts or any... then, most often than not, you will get in trouble with him/her sooner or later because you will both clash with each other (values, perception, attitudes, interests, educational background, etc.).

"A true friend unbosoms freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably" ~William Penn

2. Create two separate accounts on your favorite social networking site.

Okay, so you've categorized your close friends, from childhood to college friends, acquaintance, not so close friends, neighbors, etc. Next thing is you've gotta learn to create another account to protect your other account. It's like personal (family, love life) and the other one is for friendship and/or for business. This is to avoid receiving nasty comments on your posts that sooner might be read by your family and close friends.

In my case, I have two accounts and the other one was made for my family, personal use and the other one is for my business. That is where I post my blogs because I am choosing people among my friends list who could read it, I mean not everyone. But, if they read... so what? I should be happy because just by viewing this, it'll increase traffic on my blog LOL.

3. Do not give your personal/private email to anyone at once.

This is in relation to number 1. It is not because you meet someone today, that you will add him/her instantly without even examining/observing the person if s/he is not insane or stalker. I hate those online stalkers who are just concern about knowing you and your life, because they have something to talk about with others. That is so pathetic... tsk,tsk,tsk pathetic loser (to be exact). Why would you mind other people's business/es? Could you just mind your own...??? please! I always wanna keep myself busy everyday so that there's no more room for others and why do I care? I won't be able to earn money by gossiping or talking about other people's lives.

Remember that an acquaintance is not a friend, you just know them because they tell you about your name for the first meeting or you know very little details about them, that doesn't count as your friend. But, eventually you will get to know them, little by little.. you will be able to tell whether they are FRIEND, ENEMY or remain as just an ACQUIANTANCE.

4. Make sure that you use privacy settings for each of your account.

If you don't wanna create another one, then you've gotta privacy set your account according to their category. So those, non sense people won't be able to read so much about you. This is to prevent yourself from gossiping.. -that is if you really want an honest to goodness "privacy". This way, they won't be able to read your...

*daily posts
*comments to your friends posts
*recent albums, videos, notes, etc.
*friends' list
*profile (the all about you section)
*couldn't be able to tag you or share any applications that you don't permit to operate

5. Change your name and profile picture once in a while.

This was a funny part! I've changed my name too many times and the best name is the one with the Korean characters which is helping me a lot to have a little of privacy. Some of my real friends are just sending me an email or the privacy message instead of posting directy to my FB wall.

Changing my name and picture on my profile made me realized that I can really hide, if I wanted to keep myself private. It really works! hahahaha Some people said that they couldn't be able to tag me or look at my profile because it is in Korean character that many of them couldn't be able to understand. I made it difficult for them to make myself visible to the public. I, may be friendly but there are times that I am not sociable or call it anti-social.

It's not that I couldn't be able to handle negative critiscism. It's just that, I believe, it is uncalled for to comment something which isn't appropriate when other people to your friends list could read and see what was the comment posted on your wall. I am just not only protecting myself but, my family. I still LOVE myself and my family, anyhow and no matter what.

6. Do not tell anyone about your plans yet, until you succeeded.

I know that it is effective to just keep your plans to yourself because if you tell anyone, (like publicly telling people about it) chances are, you won't get what you hope for. For some people might convince you to do otherwise. Directing you to other plans that will lead you to failure.

That is one secret that I usually/normally do when I have plan/s. Oooopps! it's not a secret anymore! hahaha

7. Protect your username and password.

If you don't own a computer at home and you go out to coffee or internet shop, ensure that nobody is looking behind or next to you. Strangers might get your username and password so you've gotta be careful. If they've got those, they will invade your privacy like reading your emails and sending spam letters to your friends list/contacts. That happened to me last time. But, it wasn't the case, I was unaware that the one who send me an email was a spam or fake yahoo customer service account. they asked me to give my personal details like username, password, phone number, passport, etc. BEWARE and BE AWARE! What happened was this person made a spam and wrote everyone that I was in the UK and got lost in there, I had no money to spend because I left my purse in the taxi. That sounds crazy! If that's the case, I won't write it in English but in my native language and I will call my family to tell them immediately.

8. Share only information which is not too personal on your profile and your daily or each post.

This is difficult to fulfill but it can be done. You can set the privacy for your posting updates and albums, etc. This way, if you ever post something on your FB wall, they won't be able to read or see them. But, be careful because some friends' are set to friends of friends or everyone. If this is so, try to tell your friend to change her settings, too. If this is only possible. But, if she can't then you can;t do anything about it except for controling yourself to post something revealing about yourself, relationship/loved one and family. That's the least that you can do :)

9. Edit your album settings and other

I've already mention this, but then again, try posting some pics that aren't too revealing or you'll only get critized (who cares? lol) and humiliated (so what? lol). But, these are all up to you.

10. Speak softly love, lol

Learn to comment in a nice way as possible eventhough it is against your principle. And, if you cannot say something good, atleast respect the person not to comment at all! We are not perfect and we all commit mistakes. Learn how to zip it if you only give negative remarks. As the famous saying goes.. "Judge and be judged"~Matthew 7:2

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