Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Worst Enemy

Hmmmm... my WORST ENEMY?

I bet you know! It's not surprising because of the images below LOL. Yes, the MOSQUITOES! I hate them because they are making my long, tan and toned legs really bad. It is really a disaster when I went home in the PH as I had so many mosquito bites everywhere, and you will be surprised that they would even bit me in the ass. I was like.. "why on earth are they biting me there?!". It was really so itchy.

If only I could post this image above at home on the wall, and if the mosquitoes can see and understand what this is about... If I could only speak with them like.. "Hey! OFF LIMITS here, you are not allowed to enter in this house, specially in my room and bite me. Go Away!"

As if they would listen to me? This pesky creature is a selfish, conceited, mischievous freak. Mosquito is really an animal! Grrrr!!! They are so irritating specially when they fly into or around you ear/earlobes, you could hear their buzzing sound. They are sometimes difficult to catch as they fly so fast and hide somewhere else where you couldn't find them.

It crossed my mind, if this mosquito has turned into human... what will happen to the world? I would probably dead by now LMAO. I can't understand why they love to bite my legs and arms. Or maybe because my blood is tasty to them? My blood type is an "O", by the way. Maybe those people who has similar type of blood are feeling the same way. Could this be my blood tastes sweet to them?

If they bit me today, it will last for three days itching and swelling. At first, it is so itchy that I couldn't help myself but scratch it so hard, until it hurts. When I was a kid, I had a terrible ugly legs because of the black spots on my skin. Those were only mosquito bites! My childhood peers was teasing me about my legs as "dalmatian legs" because they looked scabies already. It was so shameful. How I wish that mosquitoes suck FATS instead of BLOOD.

And as I grow old, I've learned how to avoid having that kind of annoying legs. Here is what I have done during the past years of my life taking care of my legs after they were bitten by my worst enemy.

1. I used "DOVE CREAM" and Jergen's Lotion everyday, right after taking a shower during the day/night or before I go to bed. This will help my skin moisturized and nourished.

2. Sebo de Macho- this is a kind of cream which can eliminate minor scars caused by insect bites like mosquitoes, minor cuts and wounds. I usually put a little amount of this on the affected area. But, in case you couldn't find this, try the petroleum jelly (it's a cheaper, but good!) and apply it on your skin like a lotion or cream. It will help your skin's black spots disappear.

3. Any kind of Vinegar can make the itchiness become less or disappear. You can put Vicks vaporub to lessen the itchiness and to make you feel better because of the coolness effect on your skin.

4. If you got wound caused by too much scratching (from itchiness), try to apply the alcohol with cotton and the Betadine Anti-septic solution or the Agua Oxinada to clean and disinfect.

5. When I go out, I usually bring Off lotion (it is an insect repellent) or the mosquito spray so I could prevent myself being bitten by my worst enemy. Geeeezzz.. they are like vampires sucking my blood every now and then! I hate them too much, arrgghhh.. hmpf! By the way, beware and be aware that there are lots of mosquitoes flying 24/7 around here in Bangkok, Thailand. You can stop by at any 7-11 store nationwide because they have it there on sale for a reasonable price.

6. If there are too much mosquitoes in my house, I will spray my favorite Baygon (bye-bye and be gone!). It is a kind of mosquito repellent that you can spray in the air to kill insects like mosquitoes, cockroaches, spiders, etc. But, I just hate the smell of this spray. So, if you've decided to spray today make sure you're not gonna stay in the place you sprayed because it'll only damage your lungs and you might faint.

7. I have been using this mosquito-killing device for a year now here in Bangkok. This is safe and effective but be careful that this could not be reached by kids as they will be electricuted. The flying mosquitoes passing through this killing device will instantly electified and died. The good thing about this is you can recharge this after you use. It sounds like a mobile phone or digicam to me! Yes, it is rechargeable! It is very cheap here in Bangkok! My husband bought this for me because there are so many mosquitoes everywhere in the house and any households or places that we go. Except for the malls where the air-conditioned is so coool or cold, lol.

It is expensive to get sick so take care of your skin. Who knows.. you might get malaria or dengue and this is very serious subject because it can be detrimental.

borrowed images from google and yahoo. Thanks so much!

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