Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Home Alone (Day 20): Crazy Day

I was about to pick up my hubby and daughter at the airport very early this morning, but it didn't cross my mind that I won't be able to meet them because something crazy has happened. At first, I was blaming him because I wasn't able to see them and a bit skeptic about it.

Three days ago, I asked him to email me his flight details and he did it. I trusted in that document as basis of his itinerary to pick them up at the airport. My husband kept asking me that it would take 24 hours on the plane to go to America and vice versa because they're gonna cross the international date line which means that there will be a 12 hour difference and yet the trip will be 24 hours and they're going to have connecting flights from Los Angeles to Narita-Tokyo and from there to Bangkok. The stop over to Tokyo will be less that 2 hours.

It was too embarassing when I went to the airport waiting for them not knowing if they're already out or still stuck in there. I mean, they will just ask you about the flight details and that's it! They will reply according to what you already know because you could read and see them on the cue board (funny!).

I was there at 10:30pm waiting because he said that they will land at about 11:45pm (Bangkok time). I had inquired at the info desk twice already, I've talked with the other people who were also waiting in there and the security guard. But, they were saying the same that after they (aircraft) have landed, it will be 2 hours more of waiting. I didn't mind waiting for 2 hours for as long as they will appear. Because I can't wait all my life at the airport (literally) lol.

It was already 2:30 in the morning, I just thought that they may not come or I missed them because of too many odd things at the airport. First of all, the authority/security officers weren't consistent about where to wait because people were there (including me) at the meeting point # 4 & 5 for international flights and the passengers were going to the meeting point 8 or the opposite side... what is this?! How do we know if the person that we're waiting for has arrived? I figured that they couldn't see me so I went closer to the exit, security guards were telling me to move back. Nothing happened, still I couldn't find them. I almost hated myself because I failed to take them home from the airport. I was thinking hard... why, why, why and what is really happening that I didn't know?

I was thinking that they may be home already and they could get in because he does not have the key. Oh! By the way, he refused to take his mobile phone (for whatever reason, I didn't know!). And I could be able to get in touch with him. I felt so responsible about it and felt guilty that they're probably outside waiting on me. I even got angry because the taxi driver was driving too slow like a funeral or taking me on the moon-style of driving (jeezz!) It was 3:30am when I arrived home from the airport. I was confounded and really angry of myself, to him and to the world (but not too much).

I have a post paid line but it was locked on international call and too bad, I have no phone credit to call long distance. My mind quickly told me to contact the operator. Initially, I had a hard time telling them to simply unlock my long distance call. I had to threaten them to cancel my subscription (which started just last Saturday) if they won't allow me to call or activate it for me. With such urgency, I knew that they will soon give in... so I was RIGHT! hahaha

I grabbed my mobile phone and started to call his mom, to check what time did he go on the plane with our baby. It wasn't clear to me but I had a doubt of my understanding to what she was telling me. She said that they left at 12:00 noon Eastern Time (EDT) in Knoxville, Tennessee and be probably be here around noon. My brain wasn't functioning so well because I wasn't able to get some sleep because of thinking too much until now that I'm blogging this. The problem is I get too excited and way too much that I didn't double check the itinerary and understand the computation of time difference and other things. I got exhausted... So, here's the equation: no sleep + no eat = brain damage LOL

Later on, I found it out that it's not 11:45 pm but 11:45 am on April 12 (yay!). I couldn't believe myself that I did not sleep overnight, stay awake 24 hours like 7-11! This is what usually happens when you get too excited... insanity! yikes... shame on me!

I got hungry so I cooked something for my early breakfast and then planning to catch up some sleep/rest and will go to the airport once again. Hoping that I could meet them (oh please...) I will go at 11:00 pm (keeping my fingers crossed lol). It's a crazy day, indeed.

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