Saturday, April 9, 2011

Home Alone (Day 19): Missing My Family

I have talked to my hubby through skype and I am glad to know that they're having a good time there. This is once in a life time chance and I wish I was there to meet his parents. But, I am just to see and talk to them via skype and on the phone. His family in Tennessee and Florida (Southern part of the US)looks very entertaining and close to each other. This reminds me of my family back home.

Her mom said once that I may like his sisters because they are expressive, friendly and warm. I feel that his mom like me maybe because I make my hubby very happy with our relationship and because they have new members in the family. Sofia is so lucky to have a happy family like ours.

We may not have a perfect marriage life before with our previous "someones", it is very clear that we do had a very happy childhood. We both have close family ties, our parents aren't separated or that we aren't belong to a broken home/family. I think, that is something that we should be proud of. As we are both born by our legitimate parents.

I am missing my family so bad. But, I am counting the days till they get back home safely. Below are the souvenir videos from Tennessee, something to remember when our daughter grow up. She will remember that she has a happy family.

Sofia in the merry-go-round with grandma, Peggy <3 They are sweet together!

Going round and round with the pigs, lol

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