Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Home Alone (Day 17): My Videoke List

Of course, singing videoke is just one of my many activities today and one of my hobbies, too lol. I am so much inlove with these songs (below). Can you sing with me? hehehe

I am fascinated with music (all my life), which is inspiring and the lyrics of the songs convey such optimism. I had attended a seminar before, which was focused on life's purpose and to be able to acknowledge self worth, changes and optimism. The facilitator did mention that we have to select songs that are inspiring which could uplift our spirit and change us for the better because music might influence us in so many ways. Like, it could cure some illnesses and others, they call it "music therapy".

My mom was one of the examples because she had suffered from mild stroke before but, she has recovered from it. When she got operated (due to bone fracture in her left knee) last year. She got frustrated because she thought she won't be able to walk again. Thanks be to GOD! She could stand still and continue to work at the age of 60 in a company. This is all because of prayers and music.

Music could kill boredom, loneliness and eliminate stress. I didn't know that music is a spirit that cure some illnesses. Without music, life is boring and sad. I believe that through music or songs, we could learn easily. I've used singing as one of my methods of learning since I was a kid. And now, I still believe that music can be used as a method of teaching students learning English as a second language (ESL).

Anyway, Let's go back to my topic, lol. I am into classic love songs, RnB, pop and rock.

Here's my top 10 Videoke list:

1. TRUE by Spandau Ballet

Whenever he sings this wonderful song, my heart is pumping so fast. This is one of my many favorite love songs of all time.


This song drives me insane because he's singing this to me and teasing me that "you say it best... when you say nothing t all! hahaha The song is indeed sweet.

3. I'M YOURS by Jason Mraz

Oh~ I love this, too! Infact, I have this song on my video (look above) where our family pictures are showing up lmao. Just wanna say this title to my hubby, "I'm yours!" everyday and every night (cheesy! lol)

4. WE WILL ROCK YOU by Queen

This song can make me sing and dance and I love this music.

5. HELLO by Lionel Richie

When we're still friends I asked him to sing a song for me and he was singing this whole-heartedly as in... I got nervous and fell in love with his soft, caring, loving voice. I felt that it was really sincere, from the heart <3

6. OVERJOYED by Stevie Wonder

I just like this singing this song because the music and the lyrics amazed me.

7. JUST THE WAY YOU ARE by Billy Joel

This is one of his favorite love songs and singer. Not just because of the music but also the lyrics has an inspiring meaning. I want this song to be sang by him <3.

8. MY LIFE by Billy Joel

I would love to hear myself singing this, definitely! It's a nice song and I was enjoying this videoke. Specially the lines... I don't care what you said, it's my life... go ahead and leave me alone LOL

9. CHERISH by Kool and the Gang

Another sweet song with a very inspiring lyrics. I wish I could write something like this before I die lol.


The last, but not the least! Of course. This is our song <3 The music and the lyrics are really good and believe me I can sing this everyday like when I wake up in the morning and most specially if some people are trying to break us apart. One last word is... Nothing is really gonna stop us from loving each other, nothing, but divine intervention.

Special thanks to I borrowed those videos in there <3

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