Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Home Alone (Day 16) A Challenging Tuesday

I supposed to have an appointment this morning at 7:30am but, it was canceled and moved to.... send me PM so I could tell you more JOKE!!! It is funny when some people are reading your blog, only to criticize you and your grammar. Tsk, tsk, tsk! too bad.. I pity them. If you wanna try blogging anything don't be afraid to write it/them just because you don't wanna be criticized... Whatever you do, I guess you will have critism and that is human life. So just go on, do what you have to do. If that makes you happy and relieved. Don't let them stop you from doing whatever just because you are afraid... afraid that people will say your grammar sucks! or you mispelled some words, or maybe you are out of topic, probably about your non sense blog or anything. I mean, who cares about them??? You won't succeed pleasing anyone and kissing somebody's ass. In the end, your greatest friend is YOURSELF.

Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.
~George Edward Woodberry

I posted this title because I like. I JUST LIKE PERIOD! I've put this title on to mislead someone. I don't understand why some people are happy to see others disappointment or failure. By the way, it's a challenging Tuesday :( Psych!!! LOL Okay, I am out of topic. Je l'ai fait exprès (I did it on purpose) Reality check, I am home alone, yes... but, I am not that desperate to visit other site other than my blog or my blogsters, FB (my other account), yahoo mail/gmail/hotmail, yahoo messenger and skype. I'm not really into gossiping because I MIND MY OWN BUSINESS, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS because I run my business, (does that make sense?) lol. Hmmm.. this must be an interesting topic to blog about, let see... hahaha

Meanwhile, I had great fun today meeting some people who are so helpful and really friendly, not the plastic ones :D New opportunity has come my way. And I don't wanna ruin my plan/prospect because of telling it all here. I might as well zip it! lmao. I believe that when you have a special plan not the leche flan (Filipino dessert) hehehe it/they will come true if you keep it/them to yourself and praying is indeed vital. I have witnessed that most of my plans were successful because I have learned to keep it/them a secret at first. In that way, nobody will argue about it/them and so you can do it/them the way you planned. That is your life and nobody has the right to dictate what's best for you, unless you give them permission to. Give more credit to yourself because you desserve to be happy.

image borrowed from google, thanks a lot :)

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