Sunday, April 3, 2011

Home Alone (Day 13): Hanging Out With Friends Cum Reunion

It was sunny and bright. I had to go out to buy some stuff at the Minburi Market. I cooked lunch called the "Nilagang Buto-Buto" (spare ribs stew with vegetables) and it was yummy! (of, I gave some for my good neighbor.

I went out with my friends because we are going to attend Nataniel's 1st birthday party. We had to travel to Laksi and it's a little far from our place so we took a cab to get there. We all had fun and the food was so great! People were warm and friendly. I must admit, I was really super FULL because I ate a lot and we were asked to take home some food. I grabbed a paper plate, put on the spaghetti and covered it with an aluminum foil. I wouldn't have to bother for my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow.

Nathan and Sean (they're cousins)

Nathan's Auntie (Sean's mom)

Cecille (Nathan's aunt) was having a good time

The proud mom. She's got cake's icing on her face!hehehe

Uncle Allan and Nathan

Goddess of Balloons lmao

The Streamer says, "Happy 1st Birthday Nathaniel Jefferson"

Aunt Jeanie and Nathan

Thank you, Lord for the blessing of friendship that I have with them for they are so kind to me.

He's the "unico hijo" (means the only son) of my very close friend.

His eyes are gray and his skin is pinkish white. Gosh! I wish I had this kind of skin complexion.. LOL

The Birthday boy, Nathan.

He is sooo handsome baby. I won't be surprised if he could get some offers on commercial modeling and acting when he grows up someday.

I got home at 11pm already. I have so much freedom to do whatever I want... BUT, I am not going to abuse that privilege of freedom to do bad or hurt/break my hubby's feelings. I love my children and him. I won't screw up for whatever because of my family. I miss them so much.


Chyng said...

nathan is a darling. heartrob yan paglaki! ♥

Elektra said...

Thanks, Chyng! Oo eh, kagwafu tlga nya.. Feeling nanay ang dating ko d2 hahaha

Actually, anak sya ng friend ko. Future boyfriend yan ng baby ko hahahaha

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