Saturday, April 2, 2011

Home Alone (Day 12): Swimming, Steam Bath and Shopping

I had 3 major activities yesterday and I call it the three "S", which means Swimming, Steam Bath and Shopping. It was fun to spend time with a friend named, "Queenie" and yes, we felt like a Queen yesterday, lol.

First, we went to swim at 10am and the weather was really sunny and bright. We were chilling out in the pool just chit chatting stuff of merely non-sense, but we both had fun. This was a rare opportunity.

After our swimming, we had a warm shower and dressed up to go upstairs in the steam bath room. It was her first time to experience the sauna and she was amazed. She uttered, "Wow! Elektra, you are sassy..". I just replied, "I am not! I just don't usually wear make up, not into wearing jewelries or gold stuff, not even going out to party and to socialize.. But, I have this kind of yearnings like taking myself to all kinds of spas, because I love pampering myself, steam bath, body wrap & scrub, massage etc. I am not actually a good dresser or great fashionista, but I do love eye lash perm, Brazilian wax, foot scrub and I love perfume. I may not go disco clubbing, but I know how to dance (confusing isn't it? LOL) I love electronic gadgets... and oh! by the way, I don't drink beers or whiskeys but red or white wine and other cocktail drinks only.

We exposed our skin to steam for an hour and after that, we sipped an iced cold Thai milk tea called Cha Yen, one of my faves. It was an awesome feeling, very relaxing. We both felt that our skin has stretched out and smooth. I was thirsty and so was she. We figured going to Tescos and Big C supermarket to buy some liquids and fruits. Then, we went home after our shopping. I had my nails like rainbow when we were at the supermarket, testing some good nail polish that looks good on me. My hands look so cool! ;)

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