Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sofia's 1st Birthday (Part 2): The Party!

Here is the link to my other blog, featuring my daughter's 1st birthday party.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sofia's 1st Birthday Lunch

Today is our little princess Sofia's birthday, 27th of April. It has been a year! This is Part 4 of our little darling's birthday pictorial. Just before we went to dine out and waiting for daddy to get dressed, Sofia and I had fun picture taking!

The NUMBER ONE shirt :)

Daddy took us out for a birthday lunch treat at Oishi Japanese Restaurant and good news... it's a BUFFET! so we all pigged out!

The Birthday Girl :)

Miso soup and Bacon and Mushroom soup

Varities of my side dishes LOL

hmmm... yum, yum,yum!

Japanese snacks (I don't know the names! sorry... lol)

Sushi roll (I will make like this on Saturday's birthday party)

Cakes (4 slices and I ate them all! :D )

Another set of desserts

I wasn't hungry for about 8 hours after we ate here hahaha so I was super hungry when I wake up the following day at 9am :)

Sofia ate a lot, too! She wanted the fruits and the Japanese rice cake. The taste was superb and the varities of food... excellent! We all had a great time! :)

Sofia's Birthday Pictorial (Part 3 Unedited Version) and Her Ice Cream Cake

Birthday pictorial of Sofia Part 3. These pics were taken in the supermarket while we're waiting for daddy to come up and pick us up LOL.

We have decided to buy an ice cream cake for Sofia's birthday. We were thinking about buying at Swenssens but it is expensive. We found out that Dairy Queen (DQ) has cheaper but good quality of ice cream cakes!

I chose the disney princess design because it will match Sofia's theme on Saturday. It looks so deliciously good!

Sofia's Birthday Pictorial (Part 1 and 2 Unedited version)

Today is Sofia's 1st Birthday! We are so excited to celebrate this very special day this coming Saturday. Although, we had her birthday lunch at Oishi Japanese Restaurant at Fashion Island.

Yesterday and today was fun,fun... FUN!!! because we set up a birthday pictorial for our very own princess Sofia. We both have our digicams (Sony DSLR and Samsung LP100) so we took shots altogether and alternately so as to capture our daughter's precious moments ;)

Part 1 by MOM

I wanted to capture her candid shots so I let her play and do whatever she liked to.

The Little Princess, I like her smile in here :D

My Disney Princess LOL

Smiling Angel

White Angel

Princess and the Wings

The Crying Fairy

Fairy Princess

Part 2 by DAD

Her daddy was more focus on her facial expressions and the frame so he would tell Sofia to look on cam because she was busy playing that time. I was calling her attention by making funny faces so she would look, smile and laugh! :D

I guess, it is not easy for toddlers to be the subject of photography as they have tendencies to just play or shy to face the camera. Not to mention the tantrums and mood swings lol

We had these pictorials so that we could send photos to Sofia's grandparents, aunties and uncles in the US. They miss her so much! We had to take 6 different photos to print at Big Camera, my hubby wanted them 8R sizes.

Monday, April 25, 2011

♥ My Perfume Collection 2011 ♥

The best gifts that I've received this year for a very early birthday presents from my hubby's mom and sisters (soon-to-be mother & sisters~in~law) are these cozy perfumes from the US of A. They are so thoughtful and warm. They've even bought me other stuff like dresses, shirts, DSLR and sandals. I am so happy. I called up his mom two weeks ago (good thing, I had my phone in post paid so we could talk longer!) to personally thank her and the family for accomodating my hubby and our child during their stay and of course, these awesome gifts and more. I had to really thank her for a warm welcome and acceptance on our baby (who's going to turn one this week!)

So here are they :

Presenting my three gifts! Aren't they obvious as they're still wrapped? Unbelievable! lol

Beautiful by Estee Lauder with free pink, silk bag... Just wondering, if I could put all these three perfumes and my other collection in here :)

Beautiful perfume spray and a perfume lotion

Silks and Ribbons by Jessica McClintock (My favorite among them!) It has a free white evening purse with silver metal chains which I can use for formal evening party or special occassion.

Red Door Perfume Collection by Elizabeth Arden (Another perfume that I love is 5th Avenue, heavenly scent indeed!)

Red Door Perfume Collection (Perfume spray, perfume in small bottle, perfume lotion and perfume shower gel) Superb! :)

I asked my mother~in~law (to be) about how could I pay her and her daughters back about these gifts and other stuff that they have given me. She simply replied, "Just treat my son and my grand daughter very well, love and care for them and that would be it! We are happy to have you in our family! We hoped to meet you just before our grand daughter was born... Promise to visit us here with my son next time!"

Of course, I answered... "Yes, mom! I will. Thank you so much!"
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