Thursday, March 24, 2011

Resisted Temptation

Last night while I was doing my blog, there was a message popped up on my yahoo chat saying hi.. It was an "old friend". I noticed that email address sound familar to me so, I said hello reply. The email address wasn't added to mine but I wonder how did I met this person.

I was focused on my blog, plus I was watching TV and chatting with some close friends, last night. I didn't take him seriously because I know he had nothing to say but hi and hello. It wasn't the first thing that I thought. He said that he wasn't still over me.

At first, I thought he was just some of the guys that I met online for clean chat. So, I insisted to ask him that he used to be a friend because I somehow remember his email. He reminded me that we were not only friends but very close because we had a relationship. He was my ex boyfriend, a British guy before I met my hubby.

Our relationship before was fine, except that he's a business-minded guy that I was always second or probably the least of his priority. I thought we had a common goal in the future. He knew that all I have ever wanted, every now and then is to have a FAMILY. But, he is not that type. I didn't know why and I don't wanna know now that, because I am so over him.

Yes, he used to be the guy I loved before, the guy I wanted before I met my hubby. He has a lot of money, probably because I know he is a successful businesman who frequently travels around the world. But I have got one thing, he does not have... a "happy family". We may not have so much money or shall I say that my hubby is just earning enough for our daily living. But, that does not mean we are not enjoying our lives a a couple and as family. Money isn't everything, indeed because you cannot buy happiness. And at the end of the day, it's so much precious to be with someone whom you love, sharing dreams and planning together for the future.

He couldn't believe that I was so happy with my hubby, which he called, "the-average-looking-guy". "Believe it or not, YES!", I said. And no matter what he said I still love my man. I know he was just trying to win me back because he knows that I wasn't like other girls he dated before. That I have my principles in life and educated. We had the same wave length except for family values because he values money and his business. I know he got hurt when I told him that I am happy now with my hubby and he is so handsome to my sight, nothing else matters.

During our conversation last night, I knocked him down many times as he was teasing me. He said that my hubby is ugly and that he is not good in bed. What does he know about my man? He haven't met him yet. I got irritated and told him that we may not have so much money than he... but, we love each other and our family. We are happy living and building our future together.

Our conversation:

Elektra: You know what? I used to love you. I know you are handsome and I know you have money.... But, I don't love you anymore and there's no way that I would even meet you again personally because we are done.

Paul: I know I had my chance....

Elektra: And, you blew it bad! We are only just friends now.

Paul: Yeah, special friends so when are you going back to Philippines so we could meet again?

Elektra: We are plain friends and not special. I won't tell you and I still have no plans.

Paul: But, you are special to me.

Elektra: Ok. But, again I am telling you that I am happy now with my family.

Paul: I knew that you always wanted a family. Good luck.

Elektra: Thanks! Bye.

(after 3 minutes)

Paul: Elektra... (not my real name)

Elektra: What?

Paul: I miss you.

(I was not replying, so busy with blogging and watching TV)

Paul: Ok. I just wish we could meet for just once. Can you give me a chance?

Elektra: NO.

Paul: Ok, I will see you.. when?

(he's still in denial. how could this be? I gave this guy a chance and he screwed up, I even deleted his email, contact number and everything about him)

Elektra: NO. Like, I said I am committed and I don't wanna break his heart because I love him. He is doing his best to be the best guy for me. Don't you have a relationship? You know, girl friend or flings? I know there are many pretty, sexy, young girls at the bar in Manila. Why the heck are you bothering me?

Paul: Please.. they aren't my type. You know what I mean.

Elektra: I thought, you want a "no-string attached" relationship?

Paul: You mean for companionship. But, not my kind to pick up cheap girls at the club.

Elektra: Ok. I do hope you will find what you're looking for to be happy, too.

Paul: Thanks. I will wait on you :)

Elektra: Bye. I'll sign off.

It was really disturbing. I hate people who couldn't make up their minds about relationships. They simply don't know what they want. If you have your chance on love, make sure to do everything because if the feelings is gone, there's no turning back. I mean, that is my principle. Past is past, a learning experience. It could be a sadist teacher. I got hurt too bad, many times about love in my past, and now it's time to move on. Loving a total jerk and bastard is totally a headache. One thing is for sure, you couldn't change a person once you're in a relationship so... choose wisely, LOL. It took me years to finally found a good-loving guy that I want, no one else but my hubby. He's the ONE, the ONLY ONE.

I know that I am alone and sad because I miss my family. I miss my hubby and our baby. But that does not mean that I have to do nasty things just to be entertained or shall I say ease the boredom. I am no sex maniac or addict, not a play girl either. Most specially, I am not a WHORE or GOLD DIGGER. I know what I want and I value my family. Today, I know I did something right.. Nah, I did great! I resisted temptation and I guess, I should celebrate it, myself. I am UNIQUE :)

borrowed image from uncle google ;)

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