Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Magic Touch

Since my childhood days, I have been so addictive on any kinds of massage, special the Filipino style. I love it because it focuses on the muscles and nerves. This isn't good only for relaxation but also for medication. A simple headache or migraine, muscle cramps and back pain can be worse than you expected.

When I was six or seven years old, my mom taught me about a simple therapeutic massage for her so as her blood circulation would be normal. She is a diabetic and has heart problem. She was asking me to massage her everyday, then. Until now, whenever I visit her in her home, she would ask me to massage her because it really helps. She looks younger than her age. I would really call it a "magic touch" because it is not only for relaxation but it can actually cure some illnesses.

I became so curious about massage when I was so little, probably because all my life I have been so patient about expressing my love for my mom by massaging her every night before she sleeps. One fine day, my mom gave me a massage because she knew that I was tired and sick. It was really good and from then on.. I realized then that massage could take away stress and relieve you from tiredness. I became addicted since then. Every week, I usually go to a massage salon for relaxation to ease body pain and stress.

Last two weeks ago, I met a masseur named Adel Macinas from Philippines and she was really excellent! She is the best masseur aside from my mom, of course :) I just felt that her hands were like flat iron so hot that when she touched my muscles, specially my back... it was the best feeling I've got!

I've learned from her that she's known for her special skills in her City. She's not just an ordinary masseur because she finished a short course program called Reflexo-Theraphy at TESDA (a government institution that is responsible for giving trainings/seminars on employable skills for urban poor families)many years ago. She is working as full time in a hotel in the Philippines.

The good thing about her is that she is really, very down to earth. I thought she would ask for a higher rate that I couldn't be able to afford because according to someone, her rate is per hour but during our home service session, she wasn't concerned about the time because we almost had two hours, but I payed reasonable price for her because I know she did well and the effort was so remarkable! Of course, she's working per hour at the hotel she is working for. But, I didn't know that it can be negotiable "sometimes" hehehe

One of her famous clients is Madam Pinky Aquino-

A reflexo-therapy massage for the owner of Ticao Island Resort in Tacdugan, San Jacinto, Masbate

a reflexo-therapy for Ambassador Rubens Anna Fedele of Italy during his stay at Hotel Venizia, Legazpi City Philippines

She stayed here in Bangkok for two or three weeks due to a holiday vacation only. She went back to Philippines, last March 20 (this Sunday). If you are interested, please contact her.

Her contact info:

Adel Macinas from Inarado, Daraga, Albay Philippines
(+632)927-383-6208 (Globe)
(+632)949-931-1092 (Smart)

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