Monday, March 14, 2011

Lost & Found

Unconciously, I left my Nokia mobile phone in the taxi, this afternoon. It wouldn't happen probably, if I was by myself. But I was with my hyperactive and naughty 10 month old baby. She was throwing tantrums then and I got irritated on her.

She would crawl and tried to stand on the back seat while the taxi was moving. It wouldn't bother me if we're just home. It was my fault because I didn't mind my other things. I had a notebook and mobile with me, but I wasn't paying attention to them. My eyes were on my youngest baby because I didn't want her to get hurt. It may sound that I am an over protective mom, and I AM.

It was a two hour journey from Pantip Plaza to our home and I wasn't feeling very well. I had a headache and got irritated about the traffic. Plus, my baby wanted to be everywhere in the car. She wanted to sit on my feet and stay down there. Of course, I didn't want her to get dirty. She cried and I pacified her not to. I don't want my child to cry in public.

My attention was on her and not on my things. I suddenly dropped my mobile phone at the side, in between the seat and door. I knew it then so I picked it up. But when my daughter saw it, she wanted to hold and she intentionally dropped it on the floor. I picked it up (that's what I remember) and put inside my pocket. I merely recall what happened next about my mobile phone. Because my baby was already crying and I breastfed her. Yes! as in breastfeeding inside the taxi but I had a cover so nobody could see my breast.

When we got home, I quickly payed the driver 200.00 baht as per the meter. Then, we went inside the house. I had intuition that there was something missing or I felt incomplete of something. I felt so strange. But I disregarded my feelings.

My husband went home already and he smiled greeting us. I got so irritated of something, I thought of my mobile phone because I haven't seen it since we arrived home. I began shouting at my baby when she wanted to be carried. He probably wondered what was happening to me that I got so easily mad. I just told him that I couldn't find my mobile phone and probably lost, left inside the taxi.

I was anxious, I took a bath because I felt so hot and gloomy. Suddenly, my hubby was calling my number and he was talking to the taxi driver. I went out of the toilet and grabbed his phone, I knew he was shocked. I spoke a little of Thai, I begged him to return my mobile phone.

I wanted to make sure that we understood each other so I went to my Thai neighbor and asked for help in translating and explaining what I exactly meant on the phone. Finally, we had a deal! He will return my phone and I will give him some money as reward. So we did! I waited outside next to the guard's house and there I found him. He gave me my precious phone and I gave his reward. I also gave my Thai friend 100 baht for helping me. Whattaday!

I really had a long day! My phone means a lot to me because I have so many contacts there which are very important to me. Specially this coming week, I will be having a part time job. Kudos to me! I still consider myself lucky. Thank God! :D

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