Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm going SOLO

I don't know whether I'm going to be happy or sad this week because I am going solo. My partner and our 10 month baby will be leaving for America on Tuesday. Of course, I will miss both of them, definitely. I am feeling sad but excited. Mixed feelings, eh?

Sad because I will be missing them. Sad because I won't be able to see, kiss and hug them... Most specially, sad because I will be eating, sleeping, singing, dancing, talking, cooking, cleaning and crying alone all day, everyday. I am getting so emotional whenever I'm thinking of these things.

However, I am excited because Sofia will be introduced to his family in America. It has been a long time since he went home probably 5 long years, but I am not sure. I know my hubby is getting excited, too! Everyone in his family is feeling the same. I am so happy for them.

My only wish is that they will have a safe journey. The flight will be at 5:40am (Bangkok time) via Delta Air. They will have a stop over at Tokyo/Narita, Japan for less than 2 hours. It should be fine, but I worried about the radiation thingy once they get there. I have been praying for their safety since last year. Fingers crossed and I must have a positive mind.

Meanwhile, I have to plan this upcoming event so as to prepare myself not to get bored and longing for my family everyday. Homesickness will be bothering me, most probably. I had this list of things to do:

1. Job hunting & Part time jobs (private tutoring or classes/my other employable special skills)

2. General cleaning/household chores

3. Gym Workout (definitely! coz I am fat)

4. Call my friends to hang out, to go...

4-A Pattaya trip

4-B Siam Park

4-C Pratunam/Platinum

4-D Emporium Mall

5. Invite my special friends for sleepover @ home

6. Sight-seeing and Shopping spree

7. See a movie

8. Blogging (I think, this should come first!LOL)

9. Get in touch with my family and close friends via phone & email

10. Cooking madness (I'll ask my friend/neighbor to have a group cooking and share food, that would be fun!)

11. Visit places I've never been, by myself (I have no idea, which place will that be, but pretty sure I'll figure it out later, LOL)

I hope this list above will help me fight my boredom and homesickness. It's about time that I should have a ME TIME as well! Not a bad idea, though ;)

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