Thursday, March 31, 2011

Home Alone (Day 10): My First Daughter's First Appearance on MMK TV Drama

Today, I will have a long day as there are few things that I must take care of. I have to go out and withdraw some money because I don't have any now, LOL! Yes and today is the 31st. My hubby asked me to withdraw money from his ATM to pay his car, electric bill and I need to buy stuff for me, too. Likewise, I have a schedule on turtorial late afternoon, because my schedule is Mondays and Thursdays, not bad actually.

Below is my daughter's first appearance on MMK's episode (TV Drama). There are only two videos because she only got two scenes for this. She didn't say anything or no script but she basically acted like she was a member of the family. Mind you, that wasn't easy for a six year old kid, then. She didn't undergo any workshop, for that matter. Unlike, thesedays that there are so many smart children who have acting skills simply because they could afford to pay for acting workshop. I wish I could do it for my daughter, too. But now it's not the best time, she needs to study first. When she has earned her degree in College, I will let her do the acting and modeling.

Look at my first daughter at 1:22, the only girl here (with long shiny, black hair).

And on 3:32~4:29, Thanks for modern civilization, I've got copies of these lol :D

She was six years old then. But, since they were needing an eight years old girl to do the role. I told her gay manager that she could easily do it because I will guide her. It was too memorable for my daughter and me. For once in my life, I have experienced the feeling of becomeing a "stage mom" for my first and only daughter then (2006).

Manikang Papel (Paper Doll), is a story of 2 brothers who had been abused by their father since they were kids. Kuya Nitoy, played by Carlo Aquino, is a fearless boy who only wants to protect his little brother from their abusive father. Dodong, played by Jiro Manio, is a soft spoken, loving kid who realizes his being gay could help him and his eldest brother finish their studies. The story evolved on how they managed to survive living their lives independently, and mainly how Dodong surpassed all the trials of being a gay prostitute and the pains of accepting and taking care of his Kuya (eldest brother) who accidentaly became mentally ill.

I am thinking about her all the time, missing her so much. If could take her with me now, specially that I am alone. I would hug her so tight and kiss her every now and then. I looking at her old pictures, way back when she was still a baby. She is my source of joy and strength. I just wish and pray that I could make it up for her someday. That's why I wanna do the best that I can to find part time jobs for now because I can't work full time for her small sister is just 11 months old. I still have HOPE and I PRAY hard that I could give her a better future and we will be together soon.

My daughter's acting skills is so promising, I know she could do more in the future. I am so proud to have a beautiful daughter, like her. And I super love her so much <3

source: you tube

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