Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home Alone (Day 7)

I loved the weather today, it was cloudy but cool. I feel like autumn is here, but how could that be? LOL. The weather is not good, but it wasn't bad either. As long as, it won't rain and no thunderstorm, I would be fine. To me, it's a fine day! I wish everyday is like this not hot but cool. Autumn is my favorite season.

I was thinking of going to the gym, again because I have enjoyed yesterday's workout and the spa, of course! I got so lazy to get up and fix something for breakfast. I slept late again last night at past 2am for watching the TV on HBO movies. I was feeling a little headache due to lack of sleep.

Instead of going to the gym, I just stayed home for some household chores just before my meeting up outside. This late morning, I cooked spaghetti and I still have left over in the fridge for my breakfast tomorrow. I washed all the curtains because they are all dirty.

My ESL tutorial was at 4-5pm, today so I had to prepare my lesson four hours before our schedule. Although, it was just kinda easy to figure out what I kind of lesson I was going to give her. She's in middle school. Her mom told me to help her doing her assignments in English and a little of techinical writing. I would imagine that she could speak English better than those students that I had when I taught in South Korea, three years ago.

At exactly 4pm, I have reached the house of my student. It wasn't too far from our place. I taught her about writing composition and the correct usage of punctuations because I believe she needs improvement on that. She's good, diligent, humble, straight-forward and bubbly. I would love teaching her probably everyday because she is willing to learn more.

When I went home, I dropped by my neighbor-friend because we had to cook leche flan for tonight's dessert. They were very tasty and really nice. I would love to make it, myself. Pretty soon, I will learn about Thai barbecue and Pad Thai (my fave Thai noodle). I had a long, but very fulfilling and promising day!

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