Sunday, March 27, 2011

Home Alone (Day 5)

Today is weird. I wasn't like this everyday. I mean, I have always been a clean freak, when it comes to floors but I have never been so organized in my life. I wanna make sure the floors are clean everyday because I don't want my feet to get dirty and so everyone else in my house. I feel different today because I cleaned and organized things at home which I don't normally do since my childhood days. If I did, maybe because I was forced to do it and not because I wanna do it.

This morning, I cleaned and organized things in the parking lot, kitchen, specially the dining area. But, I left the storage room uncleaned. I was thinking of saving another day to clean it because there are other stuff that I have to take care of. When I went upstairs, I folded our clothes and cleaned the two rooms.

I was thinking about hiring someone to press my hubby's work clothes, but I don't think I would be able to save money. I will just have to do it myself. I will need to have time for a day on domestic chores. I was impressed when we went back from our last trip to Philippines because the screened door & windows were amazingly cleaned and the walls, ceilings, lights were cleaned and organized. The house look so light and new. I wanna maintain how it was because I don't want my husband get disappointed on me when they come back home from America.

After lunch, I went to my neighbor to ask them fix my HP printer because I couldn't get it right. The ink refill was cheap and I didn't know if that cause the problem. I may be so stingy that I would rather buy cheap ink than buying a new and expensive print cartridge. It would cost more, I know. I was thinking that if the ink refill won't be working as I expect it to be, I should better buy a new one instead. Less hassles or probably have my print outside and that would cost the cheapest.

When I went back home, I had chat with my hubby, he said it was his sister's birthday and he would probably be busy all day. It was 6:30pm here in Bangkok, that would be 6:30am in Tennessee. I missed him so much and our daughter. I am happy whenever he would send me new pictures of our daughter and his family. It's so wonderful that he had to take pictures of her everyday as what I've told him to and send them to me as soon as he got his free time.

At night, I was invited to have dinner with my other neighbor from 2nd street. I took out the salmon fish from the fridge and gave it to my neighbor for her to cook, she was also cooking tilapiya fish for her dinner. But, she liked what I brought. We had a chocolate ice cream for dessert.

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