Friday, March 25, 2011

Home Alone (Day 4)

Laundry and cleaning day, today! I had fun yesterday. I feel that I'm still tired until now because I couldn't get more sleep and rest. I got an email from my hubby that our daughter was crying and he needed to sign off.

I cooked my lunch and prepared myself for job hunt after lunch. I just handed my CV as they're just going to contact me if ever they have vacancy for me. It was just fine because I wasn't aiming for a full time position anyway.

I got a little lazy today but I was forcing myself to clean up our entertainment room. Yes, it was clean as always but it was never in order. I usually clean the house but I am bad of sorting stuff like arranging them properly except for the bills. I guess filing or sorting out the bills is the easiest task, not to mention the dishwashing.

I don't know... I am not just a very domesticated person unlike my hubby. I mean, I love to clean up a little bit sometimes, cooking, babysitting and dishwashing. They are the only things that I love to do at home. But I hate the flat iron or steaming the clothes, laundry and folding afterwards.

Our house is just like a big garbage bin, since they left. I look miserable without them, no sense of direction. I am so alone and sad. Just waiting for them to go online but it is so difficult because of 12 hours difference. It's so hard on me because I am the one waiting, while they have a bunch of activities going on due to family reunion. And I do understand because he was gone a long time before he went home. Precisely, my husband was so missed by them. On top of that, he is with a very adorable baby. I am just glad that they're enjoying their stay in America with his family. Delighted to hear that our baby is so much welcome and she could get along pretty well to almost everyone there.

I am so tired and sleepy, I have gotta headache probably because I wasn't sleeping and resting enough since they left last Tuesday. I have to get hurry to bed because it's high time to grab this opportunity of tiredness and sleepiness. It's 11:16pm now, Bangkok time.

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