Friday, March 25, 2011

Home Alone (Day 3)

Yesterday, I woke up early again. I couldn't sleep more maybe my mind is in control of my body because I am worrying so much about our baby. My Thai friend called me up past 11 am and she invited me to her house for meet up at 2pm because we were going to the Temple. Our common friend's dad died a few days ago and yesterday was the last day.

It was my first time to witness and experience the Chinese-Thai tradition on the final disposition ceremony which was cremation. The remain was cremated right before my eyes. I got emotional, too. I remembered my dad who passed away on December 17, 1997. After the ceremony, my friend and her family gave us blessed oil in a small-thin bottle from the temple. It has a unique aromatic smell.

Then, we went to my friend's sister's house, by Chaophraya river. All of us were there for dinner because it's almost 6pm. They served Thai traditional food and they were all taste great! I talked with one of my Thai friend and asked her if she could teach me how to cook the barbecue because I know that my husband would love it. Well, I know he likes barbecues stuff and the meat.

It was fun hanging around with my Thai friends and I met a new girl friend there, too. She seems to be interesting. I couldn't blame some Thais if they speak more of their language during that gathering because it would be the same in the Philippines. But, one thing was bothering me, I have a weird feeling. I wasn't sure exactly what that was or my intuition was misleading me.

One thing is for sure, I am very observant and sensitive about the people around me. I mean I am not stupid. I may not understand what exactly they are talking about but the way their facial expressions, bodily movements, intonation/tone and eye movements... say it all. I could perceive some things in there, but, that didn't matter as I went there for a certain purpose, to give a friendly support and so be it. She is so helpful, generous and kind to me and my family.

I canceled my ESL tutorial at 6-7pm because I knew I couldn't make it. The Temple was at Khaosan Road and it is in down town, it'll take about 3 hours from our place via bus. But, since we had a private vehicle it took us only an hour and a half. I called the parent of my student that we will resume on Monday at 5-6pm. I had to do it because it will be rude if I went home early and I wanted to spend more time with them. This was a rare event so I stayed. Luckily, the mother of my student is so patient and kind, she agreed and it was fine.

I went home at 9pm already, the traffic was so crazy. Again, I am home alone so I have invited my neighbor friend named Queenie for sleepover last night. We spent chatting all night. I slept at past 1am and woke up at 3am and checked if my hubby has got email for me and I was right. It has been a long day since yesterday and I couldn't sleep more.

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