Wednesday, March 9, 2011

He Knows, I'm NOT a GOOD LIAR! :D

Last night, my sweetheart and I was teasing each other and it came to a point where he was telling me some of my faults and our fears. We were discussing so lightly that we're not even serious but we both know the truth and at the end of our discussion, we were assured of what lies ahead.

Hubby: Sofie (our 10 month old baby), your mom will probably sell all our furniture and everything in this house so when we get back.. this house will become EMPTY. Then, she's gonna go back in the Philippines and leave you.. (he looked at me and watched my facial reaction)

Elektra: That is NOT TRUE! Why would I do that? I have a Philippine passport and I am not Thai (smiling).

Hubby: Do not tell me, it's not happening in the Philippines though~ (smiling)

Elektra: I may not know that, but I know myself that I won't do THAT. Sofia is more important to me than your furniture! Besides, I won't go back to Philippines because I want to work here. Infact, I already have tutorial schedule this month. It'll be twice a week. But, we haven't discuss about when we're going to start.

Hubby: That's good! Do you want to start this week or next week? It's not a problem if you want to.

Elektra: I don't want to accept tutorials yet this week, if Sofia is here because nobody will take care of her. Couple with that, I need to go out of Bangkok next week so probably on the 23rd maybe. Mondays 4-5pm & Thursdays 7-8pm.

Hubby: Okay. (He changed the topic). You know, Sofie... (referring to our baby) your mom is not very good in keeping secrets (big smile). Because she forgets things and then she couldn't control her big mouth. She forgets that she told me about something after she did...

Elektra: What? When was that?

Hubby: I'm not talking to you! I'm telling Sofie. This is A-B conversation and you're C.. which means you're way OUT~ HAHAHA

Elektra: What is that exactly? (getting irritated)

Hubby: NOTHING! (big smile)

I was thinking that the coke in cans downstairs which I kept for so long at the storage room. He probably saw it there. I told him that I was going to give them to the old woman, but I didn't. My bad. I am saving them so I could sell them to junk shop and earn a little money. I was afraid to tell him that because I worried he's gonna say I shouldn't do that because I am not a beggar and if I want money, I should ask for it.

BUT.. I am not used to asking money. I am just waiting for him to give me some. Can you tell the difference? "asking money" and the other one is "just waiting to be given", and God knows for how long I'm waiting because I really don't like to ask. I don't want us to fight over money, too.

The other thing that I knew he found out that I was lying about was when I said I took a cab but it wasn't. I actually took the bus to save a little money.

He assured me one thing, before we slept last night. As he was hugging me in bed..

Elektra: My family and friends were teasing me that when you go to America.. that you won't let me see Sofie, again. You and Sofie will never come back in Bangkok to live with me.

Hubby: That is not true. (he held my hand and kissed my head)

We both have fears.. That when we're apart, either one of us, will never be the same as before. We are afraid that we will change. Deep in our hearts, we are hopeful that we will have a future together as ONE. We still love each other no matter what.

When I lie about something specially if it concerns him and my family, I can't control myself not to tell him, eventually afterwards. He knows when I'm not telling the truth, because he already memorized my gestures/facial expressions and bodily movements for every emotions.

I love my man! :)

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